Name Meaning Pronunciation Derivations Origin
Dacia Pure white, glowing Dacea, Dacee, Dacey,
Daciah, Dacie, Dacy, Dacya, Dacyah
Dae Born during the day. Dai, Daia, Daiah, Day,
Daya, Dayah
Daffodil The daffodil flower. French, Botanical
Dagmar Glorious. Dagmara, Dagmarah,
Dagmaria, Dagmariah, Dagmarya, Dagmaryah
Dagny Day. Danga, Dagnah, Dagnana,
Dagnia, Dagniah, Dagnanna, Dagne, Dagnee, Dagney, Dalia, Daliah
(Hebrew), Dalialah, Daliyah
Dahila From the valley. Dahiliah, Dahyla, Dahylah Scandinavian
Dahlia Flower
named for botanist A Dahl
Dahliah, Dahlya, Dahlyah English
Dahnay Safe and well. DAH-nay Dahnae Amharic
Dai Great; Day Dae, Daija, Daijon, Day,
Japanese; English
Daila Beautiful. Daela, Daelah, Dailah,
Dayla, Daylah
Daisy Daisy
Daisee, Daisey, Daisi,
Daisia, Daisie, Dasee, Dasey, Dasi, Dasie, Dasy, Daysee, Daysey, Daysi,
Daysia, Daysie, Daysy
Daiya Gift Daia, Daiah, Daiyah, Daya,
Dajana Form of Diana, Divine,
Dakota Friend Dakotah, Dakotha, Dekoda,
Dekodah, Dekota, Dekotah, Dekotha, Takota, Takotah
Dale The
town near the valley
Dael, Daela, Dahli,
Dahlia, Dahlie, Dail, Daila, Daile, Dalelean, Daleleana, Dalena,
Dalenah, Dalene (German), Dalina, Dalinah, Daline, Dalyn, Dalyna,
Dalyne, Dayl, Dayla, Dayle
Dalia A
Daliborka Fighting far away. Czech
Dalit Flowing water. Dalyt Hebrew
Dallas Wise. City in Texas Dalishia, Dalishya,
Dalisia, Dalissia, Dalissiah, Dallys, Dalyss, Dalyssa, Dalysse, Dalyce,
Dalys, Dalyss, Dalyssa, Dalysse, Dalaz, Dallaz
Dalya Tree branch. Dalia, Daliah, Dalyah Hebrew
Dama Gentle, Noble Damah, Damara, Damaris,
Dame, Damita, Damitah, Damyta, Damytah
Damaris Gentle Damara, Damarius, Damary, Damarys,
Damaryss, Damaryssa, Dameress, Dameressa, Dameris, Damiris, Dammaris,
Dammeris, Damris, Damriss, Damrissa, Damarys, Damarysa, Damaryss,
Damaryssa, Damarysse, Demara, Demaras, Demaris, Demariss, Demarissa,
Demarys, Demarysa, Demarysah, Demaryse, Demaryss, Demaryssa,
Demaryssah, Demarysse
Damia Goddess of the forces of nature. Damiah, Damya, Damiah, Damya, Damyah Greek
Damiana Tamed. A feminine form of Damian. Damianah, Damiane, Damianna,
Damiannah, Damiannae, Damyana, Damyanah, Damyann, Damyanna, Damyannah,
Damica Friendly Dameeca, Dameecah, Dameeka, Dameka,
Damekah, Damicah, Damicka, Damika, Damikah, Demeeca, Demeecah<
Demeeka, Demica, Demicah, Demicka, Demika, Demikah, Demyca, Demycah,
Demycka, Demyka, Demykah
Damita Noble Dameesha, Dameeta, Dameetah, Damesia,
Damesiah, Dametia, Dametiah, Dametra, Dametrah, Damyta, Damytah
Damzel Plum Damzela, Damzele, Damzell, Damzella,
Damzellah, Damzelle
Old Devon
Dana Bright day, from
Denmark; Fire
Daena, Daenah, Daina, Dainah, Danae (Greek), Danah, Danala, Danale, Danalee, Danarra, Danean,
Daneana, Dania, Daniah, Danja, Danjah, Danna, Dayna, Daynah
Danessa God is my judge, butterfly. A form of
Danesa, Danesah, Danessah, Danisa,
Danisah, Danissa, Danissah, Danissia, Danissiah, Danysa, Danysah,
Danyssa, Danyssya
Hebrew, French, Greek
Dani God is my
judge. A short form of Danielle.
Danee, Daney, Danie, Dannee, Danney,
Danni, Danne, Dannii, Danniie, Danny Dany
Daniah God is my judge. Dania, Danya, Danyah Hebrew
Danica Morning
Daneeca, Daneecah, Daneeka, Daneekah,
Danika (Slavic), Danikah, Danikia, Danikiah, Daniqua, Daniquah, Danique, Danyca,
Danycah, Danycka, Danyka, Danykah, Danyqua, Danyquah,
Danice God is my gracious judge, Combination
of Danielle and Janice.
Dania, Daniah, Danica, Danicah,
Danice, Danis, Danisa, Danisah, Danise, Daniss, Danissa, Danissah,
Danisse, Danyce, Danys, Danysa, Danysah, Danyse
Danielle Daniella God is my judge. A
feminine form of Daniel
Danae (Greek), Danal,
Daneen, Daneena, Daneil (Hebrew), Daneille, Danial, Danialla, Danialle,
Danica (Slavic), Danielan, Daniele, Danielka, Daniell, Daniella,
Daniellah, Danika, Danikah, Danille, Danit (Hebrew), Danniele,
Danniella, Dannielle, Danyela, Danyele, Danyella, Danyelle, Doniel,
Doniela, Doniele, Doniell, Doniella, Donielle, Donniel, Donniela,
Donniele, Donniell, Donniella, Donnielle, Donnyel, Donnyela, Donnyele,
Donnyell, Donnnyella, Donnyelle, Donyel, Donyela, Donyela, Donyelah,
Donyele, Donyell, Donyella, Donyellah, Donyelle
Danna God is my judge. Danah, Dannah Hebrew
Dannal God is my judge; White
swan. A form of Danielle
Danal, Danala, Danalah, Dannala,
Dannalah, Danelle
Daphne Laurel
tree, plant with bell-shaped flowers.
Dafnee, Dafney, Dafni, Dafnie, Dafny,
Daphnee, Daphney, Daphni, Daphnie, Daphny 
Dara Compassion Dahra, Dahrah, Darah, Darka, Daralea,
Daralee, Daraleigh, Daraley, Darda, Dardah, Darice, Darilyn, Darilyna,
Darisa, Darissa, Darra, Darrah
Darah Wealthy princess. A combination of
Daria and Sarah.
Dara African American, Greek
Daralis Beloved Daralisa, Daralisah, Daralise,
Daralysa, Daralyse
Old English
Darby Freedom; From the estate by the deer. Darbea, Darbee, Darbi, Darbia,
Darbiah, Darbie
Irish, Scandinavian
Darcelle She is form the fortress, She has
dark hair or is of dark complexion.
Darcee, Darcel, Darcela, Darcelah,
Darcele, Darcell, Darcella, Darcellah
Darcy Dark-haired /
complexioned one; Fortress
Darcea, Darcee, Darci, Darcia,
Darciah, Darcie, Darsea, Darsee, Darsey, Darsi, Darsie,
Irish / French
Daria Wealthy.  The
feminine form of Darius. Ruler
Dariah, Darian, Dariana, Dariane,
Dariann, Darianna, Darianne, Darria, Darriah, Darrya, Darryah, Darya, Daryah
Darice Queen Dareece, Darees, Daricia, Dariciah,
Daryca, Darycah, Darycia, Darys, Darysa, Darysah, Darysia, Darysiah,
Darysya, Darysyah
Darielle She is a gift. Dariel, Dariela, Darielah, Dariele,
Dariella, Dariellah, Daryel, Daryela, Daryelah, Daryele, Daryell,
Daryella, Daryellah, Daryelle
French, Greek
Darien Wealthy, Rich, Kingly, She who
possesses. A feminine form of Darius.
Dah-ree-en Darian, Darion, Darrien Persian, Greek
Darilyn Little darling one from the pool. Daralin, Daralina, Daralinah,
Daraline, Daralyna, Daralyne, Darileana, Darileanah, Darileen,
Darileena, Darileenah, Darilin, Darilina, Darilinah, Darline, Darilyn,
Darilyna, Darilynah, Darilyne, Darylin, Darylina, Darylinah, Daryline,
Darylyn, Darylyna, Darylynah, Darylyne
Old English
Darla Little darling. Darlah English
Darlene Little
Darilean, Darileana,
Darileanah, Darileane, Darileen,D arileena, Darileenah, Darileene,
Darleen, Darleena, Darleenah, Darleene, Darlen, Darlena, Darlenah,
Darlenee, Darlin, Darlina, Darlinah, Darline, Darlyn, Darlyna,
Darlynah, Darlyne 
Darnelle She is a darling. Darnel, Darnela, Darnelah, Darnele, Darnell, Darnella, Darnellah, Darnetta, Darnette, Darnice,
Darnis,e Darnita, Darnyel, Darynyela, Darnyelah, Darnyell<
Darnyella, Darnyelle
Irish, French
Daron Great Daronica, Daronicah, Daronicka,
Daronickah, Daronik, Daronika, Daronikah, Daroniqua, Daroniquah,
Daronique, Daronyca, Daronycah, Daronycka, Daronyckah, Daronyka,
Daronykah, Daronyqua, Daronyquah
Darrelyn Beloved from the pool.
Combination of Darryl and Lyn.
Darelin, Darylin, Darylyn English
Daru Pine tree. Darua, Darue, Daroo Hindi
Daryl Little darling from the
oak tree grave, Gift. The feminine form of Darryl.
Darel, Darela, Darelah,
Darell, Darella, Darellah, Darelle, Daril, Darila, Darile, Darill,
Darilla, Darillah, Darille, Darril, Darrila, Darrilah, Darrile,
Darrill, Darrilla, Darrille, Darryl, Darryla, Darryle, Darryll,
Darrylla, Darrylle, Daryl, Daryla, Darylah, Daryle, Daryll, Darylla,
Daryllah, Darylle
Daryn Gift. A feminine form of Darren. Darin, Darina, Darinah, Daron, Darona,
Daronah, Daryna, Darynah
Dasha Gift of God. Darsha, Darshah, Dash, Dashah Russian
Dashawna God is gracious. A feminine form of
Dasean, Daseana, Daseanah, Dashaughn,
Dashaughna, Dashaughnah, Dashaun, Dashauna, Dashaunah, Dashawn,
Dashawnah, Daiseana, Daiseanah, Daishaughna, Daishaughnah, Daishaun,
Daishauna, Daishaunah, Daishawn, Daishawna, Daishawnah, Daishawn,
Daishawna, Daishawnah, Daysean, Dayseana, Dayseanha, Dayshaughna,
Dayshaughnah, Dayshaun, Dayshauna, Dayshawn, Dayshawna
Irish / African American
Dashiki African skirt. Dashi, Dashia, Dashika, Dashka,
Desheka, Deshiki
Davalinda Pretty beloved. Davalindah, Davalinde, Davelinda,
Davelynda, Davilinda, Davilynda, Davylinda, Davylindah, Davyllynda
Hebrew, Spanish
Davida Beloved. A feminine form of David. Daveda, Daveen, Davene, Davina,
Davinna, Davita, Devina, Devinna, Veda, Vida, Vidah, Vyda, Vydah
Davina Beloved   Latin
Davonna Beloved. Davon, Davona, Davonah, Davonda,
Davondah, Davonnah
Scottish, English, Hebrew
Dawa Born on a Monday. Tibetan
Dawatha The last born one. Dawath, Dawathah Swahili
Dawn Dawn, Sunrise. Dawana, Dawanah, Dawandra, Dawandrea,
Dawanna, Dawannah, Dawin, Dawina, Dawna, Dawnah, Dawne, Dawnee,
Dawnell, Dawnella, Dawnelle, Dawnet, Dawneta, Dawnete, Dawnett,
Dawnetta, Dawnette, Dawnisha, Dawnishia, Dawnlin, Dawnlina, Dawnline,
Dawnlyna, Dawnlyne, Dawnn, Dawnna, Dawnnah, Dawnrae, Dawnyell,
Dawnyella, Dawnyelle 
Daya Bird; One with compassion. Daea, Daeah, Daia, Daiah, Dayah Hebrew; Sanskrit
Dayna Bright day. Daena, Daenah, Daina,
Dainah, Dana, Danah, Daynah
Dayna-Lee Joining of Dayna and Lea.
Dayna meaning Bright Day and Lee meaning Meadow
See Dayna and Lea for other
derivations of spelling
Dea Goddess Deah Latin
Deana Divine; One who lives in the valley.
A feminine form of Dean.
Deanah, Deaniel, Deaniela, Deanielah,
Deaniele, Deaniell, Deaniella, Deaniellah, Deanielle, Deanisha,
Deanna, Deannah, Deena, Deenah, Deenna, Deennah, Dina, Dinah, Dinna,
Dinnah, Dyna, Dynah, Dynna, Dynnah
Latin; English
Deandra Divine; Strong, brave, courageous one
from the valley. A feminine combination of Dean and Andre
Deandrah, Deandre, Deandria,
Deandriah, Deandrya, Deandryah
Latin; French, Greek 
Deanna Divine, Gracious; One who lives in
the valley. A feminine form of Dean.
Deahana, Deahanah, Deahanna,
Deahannah, Deahanne, Deana, Deanah, Deannah
Latin, Hebrew; English 
Deanne Divine   English
Debbie Bee. A short form of Deborah. Debbea, Debbee, Debbey, Debbi, Debby,
Debea, Debee, Debey, Debi, Debie, Deby
Deborah Bee Debbora, Debborah, Debbera, Debberah,
Debbora, Debborah, Debbra, Debbrah, Debera, Deberah, Debora, Debra
(Australian), Debrah
Debra Bee Australian
Dechen Health and happiness. Tibetan
Dede First-born daughter. African
Dedra Sorrowful wanderer. A form of Deirdre. Deadra, Deadrah, Deedra, Deedrah,
Deedri, Deedrie, Dedrah
Dee-Dee Cherished. A short form of names
starting with ‘De’.
Degula Excellent Degulah Hebrew
Deianeira The wife of Hercules. Deaeanaira, Daeanirah, Daeianeira,
Daeianeirah, Daianaira, Daianairah, Dayanaira, Dayanairah, Deianaira,
Deianairah, Deianeirah
Deidra Sorrowful,
Deiondre Valley    
Deirdre Sorrowful,
Dedre, Dedrah, Deerdra, Deerdrah,
Deerdre, Deidra, Deidrah, Deirdree, Didi, Dierdra, Dierdre, Dierdrie,
Dyerdre, Dydree, Dydri, Dydrie, Dydry 
Deita Covering the earth. A form of
Demetria, goddess of fertility.
Deatra, Deatrah, Deetra, Deetrah,
Deitra, Deitrah, Deytra, Deytrah
Deja Before Daija, Daisia, Daja,
Dasha, Deejai, Dejanel, Dejanela, Dejanelah, Dejanele, Dejanell,
Dejanella, Dejanellah, Dejanelle, Dejay, Dejaya, Dejon
Deka Pleasing Dekah Somalian
Delaine Descendant of the
Delana Noble protector. Dalana, Dalanah, Dalanna, Dalannah,
Dalaina, Dalainah, Dalaine, Dalayna, Dalaynah, Daleena, Dalena,
Dalenah, Dalenna, Dalennah, Dalina, Dalinah, Dalinda, Dalinna, Dalena,
Dalenah, Dalenna, Delana, Delanah, Delanna, Delannah, Delaina,
Delainah, Delayna, Delaynah
Delany The challenger’s
descendant; Angel from heaven
Dalanee, Dalaney, Dalania,
Dalena, Dalene, Daleney (English), Delainee, Delainey, Delana, Delanee,
Delaney, Delani, Delanie, Dellanee, Dellaney, Dellani, Dellanie,
Deleena Little darling. Deleana, Deleanah, Deleane, Deleenah,
Deleene, Deleina, Deleinah, Deleine, Deleyna, Deleynah, Deleyne,
Delina, Delinah, Deline, Delyna, Delynah, Delyne
Delia Visible Dehlia, Delea, Deleah, Delinda,
Delina, Deline, Dellia, Delliah, Dellya, Dellyah, Delya, Delyah 
Delicia Delightful. A form
of Lisa
Delesha, Delica, Delice, Delight,
Delighta, Delisa, Delisah, Delise, Dellisha, Delisia, Delisiah, Deliz,
Deliza, Delizah, Delize, Delizia, Delya, Delyz, Delyse, Delysia,
Delysia, Delysya, Delysyah
Delija Sea daughter. Delijah Polish
Delila One who broods.   Hebrew
Delilah One who broods. Dalia, Daliah, Dalialah, Dalila,
Dalilah, Delila, Delilla, Delyla, Delylla 
Delma From the sea; Noble protector. Delmah, Delmar, Delmara, Delmarah,
Delmare, Delmaria, Delmariah, Delmarya, Delmaryah
Spanish; German
Delores Sorrowful Delora, Delorah, Delore, Deloree,
Delorey, Deloria, Deloriah, Delories, Deloris, Deloriss, Delorissa,
Deloriessah, Delorisse, Delorita, Deloritta, Deloritte, Delorys,
Deloryse, Deloryss, Deloryta, Delorytta, Deloryttah
Delpha Dolphin Delfi, Delfie, Delfin, Delfina,
Delfine, Delfyn, Delfyna, Delfynah, Delfyne, Delphi, Delphina,
Delphinah, Delphine, Delphinie, Delphinium, Delphy, Delphyna,
Delphynah, Delphyne
Delphina A form of Delphinus, of the city
Delphine (French) Latin, Greek
Delphis Dolphin Greek
Delsie Sorrow. Delcea, Delcee, Delsea,
Delsee, Delsi, Delsia, Delsy
English, Spanish
Delta Fourth-born
Deltah, Deltar, Deltara,
Deltarah, Deltare, Deltaria, Deltariah, Deltarya, Delatyah
Delwyn Attractive, blessed
Delwin, Delwyn Welsh
Delyth Attractive, neat. Delith, Delitha, Delithah,
Delytha, Delythia, Delythiah, Delythya, Delythyah
Demelda To proclaim Demeldah, Demelde,
Demilda, Demildah, Demilde, Demylda, Demyldah, Demylde
Demet Floral bouquet.  Turkish
Demetria Covering fo earth,
of Demeter, goddess of fertility.
Deitra, Demeetra,
Demeetrah, Demetra, Demetrah, Demetrice, Demetris, Demetrish,
Demetrius, Demita, Demitah, Demitra, Demitrah, Dymeetra, Dymeetrah,
Dymetra, Dymetrah, Dymitria, Dymitriah, Dymytria, Dymytriah, Dymytrya,
Demi Covering of earth,
Of Demeter, goddess of fertility. The short form of Demetria.
Demee, Demey, Demie,
Demmee, Demmey, Demmi, Demmie, Demmi, Demmy, Demy
Dena Valley or
Deana, Deanah, Deena,
Deenah, Denae, Denah, Deney, Dina, Dinah, Dyna, Dynah
Hebrew, Native
Denae Innocent Denai, Denay Hebrew
Dendra A city in Greece between Mycenae and
Dendrah Greek
Deni Follower of Dionysus, the god of wine
and celebration. A short form of Denise. The feminine from of Dennis.
Denee, Deney, Denie, Dennee, Denney,
Denni, Dennie, Denny, Deny
Denika Morning star.  Danica, Danika, Denica Slavic
Denise Wild, frenzied, Follower of Dionysus,
the god of wine and celebration. A feminine form of Dennis.
Danice, Danise, Denece, Denese,
Denica, Denicah, Denice, Deniece, Deniese, Denisha, Denishia, Deniss,
Denissa, Denisse, Dennyce, Dennyse, Denys, Denyse, Denyss, Dineece,
Dineese, Dinice, Dinise, Dinyce, Dinyse, Dionysus, Dynice, Dynise,
Dynyce, Dynyse
Denna From the valley. Deana, Deanah, Deanna, Deannah, Dena,
Dene, Dennah, Deene, Dina, Dinah, Dinna, Dinnah, Dyna, Dynah, Dynna,
Anglo Saxon
Deodata God has given. Deodatah Greek
Derede Gift of God. Dered Greek
Derika Gifted ruler of the people. A
fmeinine from of Derek.
Dereka, Derekah, Derekia, Derekiah,
Derekya, Derekyah, Derica, Dericah, Dericka, Derikah, Deriqua,
Deriquah, Derique, Derrica, Derricah, Derricka, Derrika, Derrikah,
Derriqua, Derryca, Derycah, Derycka, Deryka, Deryqua, Deryquah,
Derora Stream Derorah, Derore Hebrew
Derry Red-haired one Deree, Derey, Deri, Derie,
Derree, Derrey, Derri, Derrie, Dery
Deryn Bird Deran, Derana, Deranah,
Derane, Deren, Derena, Derenah, Derene, Derin, Derina, Derinah, Derine,
Deron, Derona, Deronah, Derone, Derran, Derrana, Derranah, Derrane,
Derrin, Derrina, Derrinah, Derrine, Derryn, Derryna, Derrynah, Derryne,
Deryna, Derynah, Deryne
Desi Desired. A short
form of Desiree
Desea, Desee, Desey,
Desie, Desir, Desira, Desirah, Desy
Desdemona Of the devil    
Desiree Desired Desara, Desarah, Desarae,
Desaral, Desarai, Desaray, Desare, Desarea, Desaree, Desarey, Desaria,
Desarie, Desary, Deserae, Deserah, Deserai, Deseraia, Deseraie, Desere,
Deseree, Deserey, Deseri, Deseria, Deserie, Deserrae, Desserrai,
Deserray, Desira, Desirah, Desirai, Desirae, Desire, Desirea, Desirey, Desiri,
Desrai, Desray, Dessirae, Dessire, Dessiree, Desyrae, Desyrai, Desyray,
Dezaarae, Dezerai, Dezeray, Dezere, Dezerea, Dezeree, Dezerie, Dezirae,
Deziree, Dezorae, Dezorai, Dezoray, Dezrae, Dezrai, Dezray, Dezzirae,
Dezzrae, Dezzrai, Dezzray
Desley Desleigh, Desaley,
Desaliegh, Desaliegh, Desiley, Desileigh, 
Dessa Wandering Desa, Desah, Dessah Greek
Destiny One’s fate  Desnina, Desnine,
Desta, Destah, Destanee, Destaney, Destani, Destania, Destanie,
Destannee, Destanney, Destranni, Destannia, Destannie, Destanny,
Destany, Destenee, Desteney, Desteni, Destenia, Destenia, Desteny,
Destinee, Destiney, Destini, Destinia, Destiniah, Destinie, Destinnee,
Destinnia, Destinnie, Destinny, Destyni, Destyia, Destyniah, Destynya,
Deva Divine, Goddess of the moon. Deava, Deavah, Deeva, Deevah, Devah,
Diva, Divah, Dyva, Dyvah
Deveney Poet; Loved. A feminine formo f
Devan, Devana, Devane, Devania,
Devanie, Devany, Deven, Devena, Devene (Scottish), Devenja, Devenje,
Deveny, Deveyn, Deveyna, Deveyne, Devina, Devine, Devinna, Devinne,
Devon, Devyn, Devyna, Devyne, Devynee, Devyney, Devyni, Devynia,
Devyniah, Devyny, Devynya, Devynyah
Irish; Scottish
Devi Goddess of power and destruction. Devee, Devey, Devie, Devy Hindi
Devon Poet; Perfection;
Feminine form of Devon, From Devonshire; People of the deep valley
Devona, Devonah, Devonn,
Devonna, Devonnah, Devin, Devina, Devinah, Devinn, Devinna, Devinnah,
Divona, Divonah, Divonna, Divonnah, Dyvona, Dyvonah, Dyvonna,
Irish; Latin; Old English
Devora Speaking kindly. Devorah, Divona, Divonah, Dyvon,
Dyvonah, Dyvora, Dyvorah
Dextra Dexterous, Skilful, Right-handed. Dextrah Latin
Dezba War Dezbah Navajo
Dhara From the earth. Dharah Hindi
Di Divine. A short form of names
starting with ‘Di’.
Dy Latin
Diamond Diamond, Precious. Diamonda, Diamondah, Diamonde,
Dimantra (French), Dimond, Dimonda, Dimondah, Dimonde, Dyamond,
Dyamonda, Dyamondah, Dyamonde, Dymond, Dymonda, Dymondah, Dymonde,
Dymont, Dymonte
Greek, English
Diana Goddess of the hunt, the moon,
fertility; Divine, graceful.
Dalana, Dalanna, Dayana, Dayanna,
Diaana, Diaanah, Dianah, Diania, Dianiah, Dianiella, Dianita, Dianna,
Diannah, Dianya, Dianyah, Dihana, Dihanah, Dihanna, Dyaana, Dyaanah,
Dyana, Dyanah, Dyhana, Dyhanah, Dyhanna, Dyhannah
Latin; English 
Dianne Goddess of the hunt, the moon,
fertility; Divine, graceful.
Diaan, Diaane, Diane, Dianya, Dianyah,
Dihan, Dihane, Dihann, Dyaan, Dyaane, Dyan, Dyhan, Dyhane, Dyhann
 Latin; English 
Diantha Divine flower. Diandra, Diandre, Dianthah, Dianthe,
Dyantha, Dyanthah, Dyanthe, Dyanthia, Dyanthiah, Dyanthya, Dyanthyah
Didi Beloved Dydy Hebrew
Dido Teacher Dydo Greek
Diera Dierra, Diara,
Dijana Form of Diana, Divine,
Dijanah Slavic
Diki Healthy and wealthy. Tibetan
Dilek A wish. Turkish
Dilla To lull; The light Dila, Dilah, Dillah Norse, Javanese
Dillian Object of love and devotion. Dilliana, Dillianna, Dilliannah,
Dilliane, Dillianne, Dylian, Dyliana, Dylianah, Dyliane, Dyllian,
Dylliana, Dylliane, Dylliann, Dyllianna, Dylliannah, Dyllianne, Dylyan,
Dylyana, Dylyanah, Dylyane, Dylyann, Dylyanna, Dylyannah, Dylyannah,
Dilys Truth Dilis, Dilisa, Dilisah, Dillis,
Dillisa, Dilys, Dilysa, Dilysah, Dyllys, Dyllysa, Dyllysah, Dylys,
Dylysa, Dylysah
Dima Raining Dimah, Dyma, Dymah Hebrew
Dimity Name of sheer cotton
fabric textured with checks or stripes in the weaving.
Dimitee, Dimitey, Dimitie American
Dinah Freedom. Deana, Deanah, Deena, Deenah, Dina,
Dyna, Dynah 
Dinka People Dinkah, Dynka, Dynkah Swahili
Dione Daughter of heaven and earth, Mother
of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
Dion, Diona, Dionah, Dionee, Dioney,
Dioni, Dionie, Diony, Dyon, Dyona, Dyonah, Dyone, Dyonee, Dyoney,
Dyoni, Dyonie, Dyony
Dionysius God of Wine and
Dionysus  Greek
Dior Golden Diora, Diorah, Diore, Diorra, Diorrah,
Diorre, Dyor, Dyora, Dyorah, Dyorra, Dyorrah, Dyorre
Dita Wealthy gift. Ditah, Dyta, Dytah Slavic
Ditzah Coy Ditza, Diza, Dytza, Dytzah Israeli
Divinia Divine; Ox. Deveena, Devina, Devinah, Devinnia,
Deviniah, Diveena, Divina, Divinah, Diviniah, Dyveena, Dyvina, Dyvinah,
Dyvinia, Dyviniah
Latin; Irish
Divya Heavenly, Divine. Divia, Diviah, Dyvia, Dyviah Hindi
Dixie Tenth-born child; Wall. Dixee, Dixey, Dixi, Dixy, Dyxee,
Dyxey, Dyxi, Dyxie, Dyxy
French; English
Diza Joy Ditza, Ditzah, Dizah, Dyza, Dyzah Hebrew
Djinda Bright star. Australian Aboriginal (Nyoongar)
Doanne Poem; From down the hill; Graceful
Doan, Doana, Doanah, Doann, Doanna,
Doannah, doanne, Doean, Doeana, Doeanah, Doeane, Doeann, Doeanna,
Doeannah, Doeanne
Irish; Old English; English, Hebrew
Docila Gentle Docilah, Docile, Docilla, Docillah,
Docille, Docyl, Docyla, Docylah, Docyle, Docyll, Docylla, Docyllah,
Doda Friend, aunt. Dodah, Dodee, Dodey, Dodi, Dodie,
Dodie Beloved. A short form of Dorothy,
Doda, Dodah, Dode, Dodea, Dodee, Dodi,
Dodia, Dodiah, Dody, Dodya, Dodyah
Dohna A female deity. Tibetan
Doli Blue bird. Dolee, Doley, Dolie, Doly Navajo
Dolly Beautiful, Doll-like. Dolea, Doleah, Dolee, Dolei, Doleigh,
Doey, Doli, Dollia, Doliah, Dolie, Dollea, Dolleah, Dollee, Dollei,
Dolleigh, Dolley, Dolli, Dollie, Doly
Dolkar The name of a Buddhist
Dolores Lady of sorrows.   Spanish
Dolphina Dolphin Dolphina, Dolphinah, Dolphine,
Dolphyn, Dolphyna, Dolphynah, Dolphyne
English, Latin
Domencia Born on a Sunday. Domenca, Domenciah, Domencya,
Domina Noble birth. Dominah, Domyna, Domynah Latin
Dominica of the Lord. A feminie form of
Domeneka, Domenica, Do menicah,
Domenicka, Domenika, Domeniqua, Domeniquah, Domenique, Dominica,
Dominicah, Dominicka, Dominika, Dominga, Domini, Domnia, Dominiah,
Dominiqua, Dominquah, Dominique, Dominixa, Dominixe, Domino, Dominyika,
Domka, Domnica, Domnicah< Domncka, Domnika, Domoniqua, Domoniquah,
Dominique Of God.   French
Domino of the Lord. A feminine form of
Domina, Domyna, Domyno English, Latin
Donata Gift Donatha, Donathia, Donathiah,
Donathya, Donathyah, Donatta
Donelle World mighty.    
Donja Noble ruler. Russian, Norwegian
Donna Lady, Woman.  Dona, Donah, Donnah,
Donnae, Donnai, Donnay, Donnaya, Donnica, Donnicka, Donnika, Donnike,
Donnisa, Donnise, Donniss, Donnissa, Donnisse, Donnita, Donnite,
Donnyta, Donnytta, Donnytte, Dontia, Dontiah, Dontya, Dontyah
Doreen Moody; Golden. Dorean, Doreana, Doreanah,
Doreane, Doreena, Doreenah, Doreene, Dorena, Dorenah, Dorene, Dorin,
Dorina, Dorinah, Dorinda, Dorine, Doryn, Doryna, Dorynah, Dorynda,
Irish; French
Dora Gift Dorah, Doralia, Doraliah, Doralie,
Doralisa, Doralise, Doralin, Doralina, Doraline, Doralyn, Doralyna,
Doralynah, Doralyne, Doran, Dorana, Doranah, Dorchen, Dorece, Doree,
Doreece, Doreen, Doreena, Doreese, Doressa, Doresse, Doretta, Dorette,
Dorika, Dorinda, Dorita, Doritah, Doritta, Doritte, Dorytt, Dorytta,
Dorabella Beautiful gift. Dorabel, Dorabela, Dorabelah,
Dorabele, Dorabell, Dorabellah, Dorabelle
Dore Golden Dorea, Doreah, Doree, Dorey, Dori,
Doria, Doriah, Dorie, Dory, Dorya, Doryah, Dorye
Doreen Moody; Golden. Dorean, Doreana, Doreanah, Doreane,
Doreena, Doreenah, Doreene, Dorena, Dorenah, Dorene, Dorin, Dorina,
Dorinah, Dorinda, Dorine, Doryn, Doryna, Dorynah, Dorynda, Doryne
Irish; French
Dorena Golden girl. Dorean, Doreana, Doreanah, Doreane,
Doreen, Doreena, Doreenah, Doreene, Dorenah, Dorene, Dorin, Dorina,
Dorinah, Dorinda, Dorine, Doryn, Doryna, Dorynah, Dorynda, Doryne
Doretta Little gift. Doret, Doreta, Doretah,D orete,
Doretha, Dorett, Dorettah, Dorette, Dorit, Dorita, Doritah, Dorite,
Doritt, Doritta, Dorittah, Doritte, Dorynt, Doryta, Dorytah, Doryte,
Dorytt, Dorytta, Dortyttah, Dorytte
Doria Sea. A form of Doris. Dora, Dorah, Dore, Doree,
Dorey, Dori, Doriah, Dorie, Dorinda, Dorinde, Dorra, Dorrah, Dorre,
Dorrey, Dorri, Dorria, Dorrie, Dorry, Dorrya, Dorryah, Dory, Dorya,
Dorian Descendant of Dorus,
Child of the sea, From Doris.
Dorien, Doryan, Dorie-Anne,
Dorinda Beautiful gift. A form of
Dorindah, Dorynda,
Greek, Spanish
Doris Sea Doreece, Doreese, Dorice,
Dorise, Dorreece, Dorreese, Dorris, Dorrys, Dorryse, Dorys 
Dorita Generation Doret, Doreta, Doretah,
Dorete, Doretha, Dorett, Doretta, Dorettah, Dorette, Dorit, Doritah,
Dorite, Doritt, Doritta, Dorittah, Doritee, Doryt, Doryta, Dorytah,
Doryte, Dorytt, Dorytta, Doryttah, Dorytte
Dorma Sleeping Dormah, Dormara, Dormarah,
Dormare, Dormaria, Dormariah, Doramary, Dormaryah
Dorothea Gift See Dorothy Greek
Dorothy Gift of God Dasha, Dasya, Doortje
(Dutch), Dorafee, Dorathy, Dorathya, Dorafey, Dorathee, Dorathey,
Dorathi, Dorathia, Dorathie, Dorathy, Dordei, Dordi, Dorefee, Dorefey,
Dorefi, Dorefia, Dorethie, Doretta, Dorette, Dorifee, Dorifey, Dorifi,
Dorifia, Dorifie, Dorka, Dorle, Dorlisa, Dorlise, Dorofee, Dorofey,
Dorofi, Dorofia, Dorofie, Dorofy, Dorofye, Dorolice, Dorolise,
Dorolisia, Dorota, Dorothea, Dorothee, Dorothey, Dorothi, Dorothia,
Dorothie, Dorottia, Dorottya, Doryfee, Doryfey, Doryfi, Doryfia,
Doryfie, Doryfya, Doryfye
Dorrit Dwelling. Generation. Dorit, Dorita, Doritah,
Dorite, Doritta, Dorittah, Dorrite, Doryta, Dorytah, Dorytta, Doryttah
Greek; Hebrew
Dot Short form of Dorothy Dott Greek 
Dotty Short form of Dorothy Dotti,
Douna From the valley. Dounah Slavic
Dounia The present world, earth. Arabic
Dove Bird of peach. Dova, Dovah, Dovee, Dovia,
Doviah, Dovya, Dovyah, Duv, Duva, Duvah, Duvia, Duviah, Duvya, Divyah
Dowsabel Pretty. Sweet. Dowsabela, Dowsabelah,
Dowsabele, Dowsabell, Dowsabella, Dowsabellah, Dowsabelle
Dreama One who dreams. Dreamah, Dreamar,
Dreamara, Dreamare, Dreamaria, Dreamariah, Dreamarya, Dreamaryah,
Dreema, Dreemah, Dreemar, Dreemara, Dreemarah, Dreemare, Dreemaria,
Dreemariah, Dreemarya, Dreemaryah
Old English
Drew strong, brave, courageous
one. A feminine short for of Andrew.
Drewa, Drewah, Drewee,
Drewia, Drewiah, Drewie, Drewy, Dru, Drue 
Drianna Possibly derived from the Adriatic
sea which in Latin was termed Mare Hadriaticum or Mare
Perhaps also from the Etruscan colony of Adria
(otherwise known as Hadria). A form of Adrianna, Dark, Mysterious.
dree-AN-ah Driana Latin, Greek
Drina Helper of humankind. Drinah, Dryna, Drynah Spanish
Druella Fast, level-headed. Drewila, Drewilah, Drewile, Drewill,
Drewilla, Drewillah, Drewille, Druilla, Druilla, Druillah, Druille,
Druyl, Druyla, Druylah, Druyle, Druylla, Druyllah, Druylle
Drusilla Strength Drewcela, Drewcella, Drewcila,
Drewcilla, Drewcyla, Drewcylah, Drewcylla, Drewcyllah, Drewsila,
Drewsilah, Drewsilla, Drewsillah, Drewsyla, Drewsylah, Drewsylla,
Drewsyllah, Drucela, Drucella, Drucilla, Drucillah, Drucyla, Drucylah,
Drucyle, Drucylla, Drucyllah, Drucylle, Druscila, Druscille, Drusila,
Drusilah, Drusillah, Drusille, Drusyla, Drusylah, Drusyle, Drusylla,
Drusyllah, Drusylle
Dudee Star, Bright light. Dudea, Dudey, Dudi, Dudie, Dudy Gypsy
Duena Chaperon, companion. Duenah, Duenna, Duennah Spanish
Dulcie Sweetness Delcea, Delcee, Delcina, Delcinah,
Delcine, Delsea, Delsee, Delsey, Delsi, Delsie, Delsy, Douce, Douci,
Doucie, Dulce, Dulcea, Dulcee, Dulcey, Dulci, Dulcia, Dulciana,
Dulciann, Dulcianna, Dulcianne, Dulcibel, Dulcibela, Dulcibell,
Dulcibella, Dulcibelle, Dulcina, Dulcine, Dulcinea, Dulcy, Dulsea,
Dulsee, Dulsey, Dulsi, Dulsie, Dulsy
Durene Enduring Durean, Dureana, Dureanah, Dureane,
Dureen, Dureena, Dureenah, Dureene, Durena, Durenah, Durga, Durgah,
Durin, Durina, Durinah, Durine, Duryn, Duryna, Durynah, Duryne
Dustine Warrior. A feminine form of Dustin. Dustean, Dusteana, Dusteanah,
Dusteane, Dusteena, Dusteenah, Dusteene, Dustina, Dustinah, Dustyna,
Dustynah, Dustyne
Dusty Covered in dust. A short formo f
Dustin, warrior.
Dustea, Dustee, Dustey, Dusti, Dustie English
Dyani Deer Dianee, Dianey, Diani, Dianie, Diany,
Dyami, Dyanee, Dyaney, Dyanie, Dyany
Native American
Dyanne   Deandra, Diana,
Dyllis Sincere, True. Dilis, Dilisa, Dilisah, Dillis,
Dillisa, Dillisah, Dylis, Dylisa, Dylisah, Dyliss, Dylissa, Dylissah