Name Meaning Pronunciation Derivations Origin
Cachet Desired Cache, Cachea, Cachee French
Cadence To beat a rhythm. Cadena, Cadenah, Cadenza, Cadenzah,
Kadena, Kadenah, Kadenza, Kadenzah
Cady To beat a rhythm. The
short form of Cadence.
Cadea, Cadee, Cadey,
Cadi, Cadia, Cadiah, Cadie, Cadya, Cadyah
Caeleah From the pure meadow. Caelea, Caeley, Caylea Old English, Scottish, Gaelic
Caeley Crown of laurel leaves in
the meadow; From the pure meadow.
Calea, Caeleah, Caelee, Caelei,
Caeleigh, Caeli, Caelia, Caelie, Caely, Cailea, Caileah, Cailee,
Cailei, Caileigh, Caili, Cailia, Cailie, Caily, Caylea, Cayleah,
Caylee, Caylei, Cayleigh, Cayley, Cayli, Caylia, Caylie, Cayly, Kaela,
Kaelah, Kaelee, Kaelei, Kaeleigh, Kaeley, Kaeli, Kaelia, Kaeliah,
Kaelie, Kaely, Kahla, Kahlah, Kahlea, Kahleah, Kahlee, Kahlei,
Kahleigh, Kahley, Kahlei, Kahlie, Kahly, Kaila, Kailah, Kailea,
Kaileah, Kailee, Kailei, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaili, kailia, Kailiah,
Kailie, Kaily, Kalea, Kaleah, Kalee, Kalei, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kali,
Kalia, Kaliah, Kalie, Kaly, Kalya, Kayla, Kaylah, Kaylea, Kayleah,
Kaylee, Kaylei, Kayleigh, Kayley, Kayli, Kaylia, Kayliah, Kaylie,
Kayly, Kaylya, Kealea, Kealeah, Kealee, Kealei, Kealeigh, Keali,
Kealia, Kealiah, Kealie, Kealy
Arabic, Hebrew; Old
Caera Brown/red complexioned. Caerah Irish
Cai Woman; Purity. Cae, Cay, Caye Vietnamese; Irish
Cailida Adorable Caelida, Caelidah, Cailidora,
Cailidah, Cailidorah, Callidora (Greek), Callidorah, Caylida, Caylidah,
Kailida, Kailidah, Kaylida, Kaylidah
Cailin From the pure pool. Caelean, Caeleana, Caeleanah,
Caeleane, Caeleen, Caeleena, Caeleenah, Caeleene, Caelen, Caelena,
Caelenah, Caelene, Caelin, Caelina, Caelinah, Caeline, Caelyn, Caelyna,
Caelynah, Caelyne, Caileen, Caileena, Caileenah, Caileene, Cailena,
Cailenah, Cailene, Cailina, Cailine, Cailyn, Cailyna, Cailyne, Caylean,
Cayleana, Cayleanah, Cayleane, Cayleen, Cayleena, Cayleenah, Caylen,
Caylena, Caylenah, Caylene, Caylin, Caylina, Cayline, Caylyn, Caylyna, Caylyne
Welsh, Irish
Caimilw Life continues. Caymile African
Cainwen Fair-haired one who is
Cainwin, Caynwin, Caynwyn Welsh
Caitlin From the pure pool. The
Irish form of Catherine.
Caetlan, Caetlana, Caetlane, Caetlen,
Caetlena, Caetlene, Caetlin, Caetlina, Caetline, Caetlyn, Caetlyna,
Caetlyne, Caitlan, Caitlana, Caitlane, Caitlen, Caitlyn, Caitlyna, Caitlyne, Catlin,
Catlina, Catline, Catlyn, Catlyna, Catlyne, Kaitlan, Kaitlen, Kaitlin,
Kaitlina, Kaitline, Katlin, Katlina, Katline, Katlyn, Katlyna, Katlyne
Irish, Latin
Cakusola Loving Cakusolah African
Cala Castle Calah, Calan, Calana,
Calia, Caliah, Calla, Callah
Calamity Misfortune Calamitea, Calamitee, Calamitey,
Calamiti, Calamitia, Calamitie, Kalamitea, Kalamitee, Kalamitey,
Kalamiti, Kalamitia, Kalamitie, Kalamity
Latin, English, American
Calandra Carefree, The lark bird. Caelan, Caelana, Cailan, Cailana, Calan,
Calana, Calanah, Calandrea, Calandria, Calandriah, Caleida, Calendra,
Calendrah, Calandre, Caylan, Caylana, Caylanah, Caylandra, Caylandrea,
Caylandria, Caylandriah, Caylana, Caylanah
Calantha Flower Calanthah, Calanthia, Calanthiah,
Calanthya, Calanthyah
Calca Star Calcah Australian Aboriginal
Caledonia From Scotland. Caledona, Caledoniah, Caledonya,
Caledonyah, Caldona, Caldonah, Caldonia, Caldoniah, Caldonya, Caldonyah
Caley Slender one from the
Calea, Caleah, Calee, Calei, Caleigh,
Cali, Calia, Caliah, Callea, Calleah, CVallee, Callei, Calleigh,
Calley, Calli, Callia, Calliah, Callie, Cally, Caly
Irish, Old English
Calida Warm, Ardent. Calina, Calinda, Callida, Callinda,
Callyda, Callydah, Calyda, Calydah, Kalida, Kalidah, Kallida, Kallidah,
Kallyda, Kallydah, Kalyda, Kalydah
Calixte Very
Calla Beautiful Callah, Kalla, Kallah Greek
Callan Talker, Chatterer; To cry
Callen, Callin, Callon, Callun,
Callyn, Kallan, Kallen, Kallin, Kallon, Kallun, Kallyn
Germany; Old Norse
Callie Fortress Calea, Caleah, Calee, Calei, Caleigh,
Caley, Cali, Calia, Caliah, Callea, Calleah, Callee, Callei, Calleigh,
Calley, Calli, Callia, Calliah, Cally, Caly
Calliope Muse Calliopee, Kalliope,
Callista Beautiful Calesta, Calestah,
Calista, Calistah, Callesta, Callestah, Callysta, Callistah, Callystah,
Callula Beautiful light. Calula, Calulah, Callulah, Kallula,
Kallulah, Kalula, Kalulah
Calumina Little dove. Caluminah, Calumyna,
Calvina Bald one. The feminine
form of Calvin.
Calveana, Calveanah, Calveane,
Calveanie, Calveaniah, Calveane, Calveena, Calveenah, Calveenia,
Calveeniah, Calvinah, Calvine, Calvinetta, Calvinette, Calvyna,
Calvynah, Calvyne
Calypso Hidden Calipso Greek
Cam Sweet citrus. Kam Vietnamese
Cambria From Wales. Camalia, Camallia,
Camber, Cambriah, Cambrya, Cambryah, Camela, Camelia, Camelita,
Camella, Camellita, Kamelia, Kamellia
Camelia Beautiful flower. Cameliah, Camelya, Camelyah, Kamelia,
Kameliah, Kamylia, Kamyliah
Cameo Portrait carved onto a
shell or gem.
Camio, Camyo, Kameo, Kamio, Kamyo Latin
Cameron Crooked nose; Happy. Cameran, Camerana, Cameren, Cameri, Cameria, Cameriah, Camerie,
Camerin, Camerya, Cameryah, Cameryn, Camesha, Cameshia, Kameron,
Kamerona, Kameronia, Kamesha, Kameshia
Scottish; Kurdish
Cami Young ceremonial attendant,
Messenger. A short form of Camille.
Camee, Camey, Camia, Camiah, Camie,
Camy, Camya, Camyah
Camilla Virginal,
unblemished character, Young ceremonial attendant, Messenger.
Camil, Camila (Spanish), Camilia,
Camilla (Italian), Camillah, Cammila, Cammilah, Cammile, Cammill,
Cammilla, Cammille, Cammyl, Cammyla, Cammylah, Cammyle, Cammyll,
Cammylla, Cammyllah, Cammylle, Chamelea, Chameleah, Chamelee, Chamelei,
Chameley, Chamelia, Chameliah, Chamellia, Chameliah, Chamely, Chamelya,
Latin, French
Canace Daughter of the wind God. Kanace Greek
Canberra Meeting place.
Capital city of Australia.
Australian Aboriginal
Candace Fire
white, pure
Candice Fire
white, pure, glowing
Candace, Candida,
Candide (French), Candis, Candra, Candrah, Candyce, Candy, Kandace,
Kandice, Kandise, Kandyce, Kandyse,  Khandice, Khandyce, Kandice,
Candra Glowing Candrah, Candrea, Candria, Candriah,
Candrya, Candryah, Kandra, Kandrah, Kandria, Kandriah, Kandrya, Kandryah
Candy Fire
white, Pure; Sweet lolly. A short form of Candice.
Candea, Candee, Candi, Candia,
Candiah, Candie
Latin; American
Caneadea Horizon Caneadee Iroquois
Canisa Very dear. Cannisa, Canissa Greek
Cantara Small crossing. Cantarah Arabic
Cantrelle She is like a song. Cantrel, Cantrela, Cantrelah,
Cantrele, Cantrella, Cantrellah
Caollaidhe Slender Gaelic
Capri Fanciful. A short form of Caprice.
Also the Isle of Capri.
Caprice Fanciful. From Italian
“capriccio” meaning hair standing on end. Also the Isle of
kah-PREECE Capree, Caprey, Capria, Capriah,
Caprie, Capry, Caprya, Capryah
Cara Sweet
melody, Beloved.
Carah, Carra, Carrah, Kara, Karah, Karra, Karrah Italian
Caragh Friend. A form of Cara. Caera, Carragh Irish
Caress Tender, soft touch. Carass, Carassa, Carassar, Caressa, Caresse, Caris, Carisa, Carisah,
Carise, Cariss, Carissa, Carissah, Carisse, Caryss, Caryssa, Caryssah,
Carysse, Charice, Charis, Charisah, Chariss, Charissa, Charissah,
Charisse, Charys, Charysa, Charysah, Charyss, Charyssa, Charyssah,
Charysse, Karisa, Karisah, Karissa, Karissah, Karysa, Karysah, Karyssa,
Carey Castle on the rocky island; Carer. Caree, Cari (Welsh), Caria, Cariah, Carie (Welsh), Cary, Carya,
Welsh; Old English
Cari Gentle flowing stream. Caree, Carey, Carie, Cary Turkish
Carina Little darling; Beloved; Pure Caran, Carana, Caranah, Carane, Caren,
Carena, Carenah, Carene, Carin, Carinah, Carine, Carrin, Carrina,
Carrinah, Carrine, Carryn, Carryna, Carrynah, Carryne, Caryn, Caryna,
Carynah, Caryne, Karan, Karana, Karanah, Karane, Karen, Karena,
Karenah, Karene, Karin, Karinah, Karine, Karrin, Karrina, Karrinah,
Karrine, Karryn, Karryna, Karrynah, Karryne, Karyn, Karyna, Karynah,
Spanish; Latin; Greek
Carissa Beloved Carass, Carasa, Carassar, Caress,
Caressa, Caresse, Caris, Carisa, Carisah, Carise, Cariss, Carissah,
Carisse, Caryss, Caryssa, Caryssah, Carysse, Charice, Charis, Charisah,
Chariss, Charissa, Charissah, Charisse, Charys, Charysa, Charysah,
Charyss, Charyssa, Charyssah, Charysse, Karisa, Karisah, Karissa,
Karissah, Karysa, Karysah, Karyssa, Karyssah
Carita Charity Caritah, Caritta, Carittah, Caryta,
Carytah, Carytta, Caryttah, Charita, Charity, Karita, Karitah, Karitta,
Carla Farmer; Strong woman. Carila, Carilah, Carilla, Carillah,
Carlah, Carlan, Carlana, Carlanah, Carlane, Carlea, Carleah, Carlee,
Carlei, Carleigh, Carleta, Carletha, Carlethe, Carli, Carlia, Carliah,
Carlicia, Carlie, Carliqua, Carliquah, Carlique, Carlisa, Carlisah,
Carlissa, Carlissah, Carlisse, Carlita, Carlitah, Carlite, Carlonda,
Carlondra, Carlondrea, Carlreca, Carlondria, Carlyle, Carlyjo, Carlyse,
Carlysle, Karla, Karlea, Karleah, Karlee, Karlei, Karleigh, Karley,
Karli, Karlia, Karliah, Karly, Karlya, Karlyah, Karlyjo, Karlyle,
Karlyse, Karlysle
German; English
Carlene Little woman. A feminine form of
Charles, Strong, Courageous.
Carla, Carlah, Carlan, Carlana,
Carlanah, Carlandra, Carlandrah, Carlane, Carlean, Carleana, Carleanah,
Carleane, Carleen, Carleena, Carleenah, Carleene, Carlen, Carlena,
Carlenah, Carlin, Carlina, Carlinah, Carlinda, Carlindah, Carline,
Carling, Carllan, Carllin, Carllyn, Carllyna, Carllynah, Carllyne,
Carlyn, Carlyna, Carlynah, Carlyne
Irish, English
Carlin Little champion; Strong courageous
one form the pool. A feminine form of Carlin.
Carla, Carlah, Carlan, Carlana,
Carlanah, Carlandra, Carlandrah, Carlane, Carlean, Carleana, Carleanah,
Carleane, Carleen, CVarleena, Carleenah, Carleene, CVarlen, Carlena,
Carlenah, Carlene, Carlina, Carlinah, Carlinda, Carlindah, Carline,
Carling, Carllan, Carllin, Carllyn, Carllyna, Carllynah, Carllyne,
Carlyn, Carlyna, Carlynah, Carlyne
Gaelic; Old English
Carlissa Little woman who is holy and sacred
to God.
Carleasha, Carleashah, Carleesha,
Carleesia, Carleesiah, Carlis, Carlisa, Carlisah, Carlise, Carlisha,
Carlisiah, Carlisiah, Carliss, Carlissah, Carlisse, Carlissia,
Carlissiah, Carlista, Carlysa, Carlysah, Carlyssa, Carlyssah, Carlysta,
Carlotta Little woman. A feminine form of
Charles, strong, courageous.
Carleta, Carletah, Carlete, Carletta,
Carlettah, Carlete, Carlota, Carlotah, Carlote, Carlotte
Italian, French
Carly Little and woman. A short
form of Caroline. The feminine for of Carl/Charles, strong and
Carlea, Carleah, Carlee, Carlei,
Carleigh, Carley, Carli, Carlia, Carliah, Carlie, Carly, Carlya,
Carlyah, Karly, Karlie, Karlee, Karleigh, Karlea, Karleah
Carma Destiny; Fruit field. Carmah, Carmal, Carmala, Carmalah,
Carmalina, Carmalinah, Carmaline, Carmalyn, Carmalyna, Carmalynah,
Carmalyne, Carmania, Carmaniah, Carmanya, Carmanyah,
Karma, Karmah, Karmal, Karmala, Karmale
Sanskrit; Arabic
Carmel A
See Carmela Celtic
Carmela Vineyard, garden Carmelah, Carmelia, Carmeliah,
Carmelie, Carmell, Carmella, Carmelle, Carmely, Carmelya,
Carmil, Carmila, Carmile, Carmill, Carmillan, Carmille, Carmillia,
Carmilliah, Carmillya, Carmillyah, Carmyllia, Carmylliah, Carmyllya,
Carmyllyah, Carmyla, Carmylah, Carmyle, Carmylla, Carmylle
Carmen Song Carma, Carmah, Carmainm, Carmaina,
Carmaine, Carman, Carmana, Carmanah, Carmelina, Carmeline,
Carmelita, Carmencita, Carmena, Carmene, Carmia, Carmiah, Carmin,
Carmina, Carmine, Carmita, Carmon, Carmona, Carmone, Carymyn, Carmyna,
Carmine Scarlet red. Carmina, Carminah,
Carmine, Carmyn, Carmuna, Carmynah, Carmyne, Karmina, Karminah,
Karmine, Karmyn, Karmyna, Karmynah, Karmyne
Carna Flesh colour; Horn of
Carnah, Carniel, Carniela, Carnielah,
Carniell, Carniella, Carnielle, Carnit, Carnita, Carnite, Carynyta,
Carnytah, Carnyte, Karna, Karnah, Karniel, Karniela, Karnielah,
Karniell, Karniella, Karnielle, Karnit, Karnyt, Karnyta, Karnytah, Karnyte
Latin; Hebrew
Carnelian Red/Yellow translucent
stone; Gem.
Carnelia, Carneliah, Carnelya,
Carnelyah, Carnelyan
Caroi Strong, courageous woman.
The feminine form of Carl.
Caroy Latin
Carol Farmer, strong, courageous; Melody, song. Caral, Carala, Caralah, Carall, Carel,
Carela, Carele, Carell, Carella, Carelle, Caril, Carila, Carilah,
Carile, Carill, Carole, Caroll, Carral, Carrala, Carralah, Carrall,
Carralla, Carrallah, Carrel, Carrell, Carrella, Carrellah, Carrelle,
Carril, Carrill, Carrilla, Carrillah, Carrol, Carroll, Carryl, Carryll,
Caryl, Caryla, Carylah, Caryle, Caryll, Carylla, Caryllah, Carylle
German; English
Carolann Graceful farer; Graceful, strong,
Carolan, Carolana, Carolanah,
Carolane, Carolanna, Carolanne
German, Hebrew; Old English
Carolee Freeholder, free man, farmer. A feminine, derived form of Carl and Charles. Ceorl Old German
Caroline Little woman; Farmer, Strong,
Caralan, Caralana, Caralanah,
Caralane, Caralin, Caralina, Caralinah, Caraline, Carolin,
Carolina,  Carolinah, Carolyn, Carolyna, Carolynah, Carolyne,
Carralin,  Carralina, Carralinah, Carraline, Carralyn, Carralyna,
Carralynah, Carralyne, Carreline, Carrelyn, Carrelyna, Caralyna,
Carrelyne, Carrolin, Carrolina, Carrolinah, Carroline, Carrolyn,
Carrolyna, Carrolynah, Carrolyne, Carrolynn, Carrolynna, Carrolynah,
Italian, French; German
Carolyn Little woman; Farmer, Strong,
Italian, French; German
Caron Loving, Kind-hearted. Caaran, Caaren, Caarin, Caaron,
Caaryn, Caran, Caren, Carin, Carran, Carren, Carrin, Carron, Carrun,
Carryn, Carun, Caryn
Carpathia Fruit Carpathiah Greek
Carra Friend Cara, Carah, Carrah, Kara, Karah,
Karra, Karrah
Carrie Little, strong, courageous woman. The
short form of names starting with “Car”. 
KARE-ee Caree, Carey, Cari, Carie, Carree,
Carrey, Carri, Carry, Cary, Karee, Karey, Kari, Karie, Karree, Karrey,
Karri, Karrie, Karry, Kary
French, English
Caryl Beloved Caril, Carila, Carilah, Carile,
Carol, Carola, Carolah, Caroll, Carolla, Carollah, Carolle, Carryl,
Carryla, Carrylah, Carryle, Caryla, Carylah, Caryle, Caryll, Caryllla,
Caryllah, Carylle
Caryn Purity. A form of Karen. Caaran, Caaren, Caarin, Caaron,
Caaryn, Caran, Caren, Carin, Caron, Carran, Carren, Carrin, Carron,
Carrun, Carryn, Carun, Kaaran, Kaaren, Kaarin, Kaaron, Kaaryn, Karan,
Karen, Karin, Karon, Karran, Karren, Karrin, Karron, Karrun, Karryn,
Karun, Karyn
Greek, Danish
Carys Love Carass, Carassa, Carassar, Caress,
Caressa, Caresse, Caris, Carisa, Carisah, Carise, Cariss, Carissah,
Carisse, Caryss, Caryssa, Caryssah, Carysse, Charice, Charis, Charisah,
Chariss, Charissa, Charissah, Charisse, Charys, Charysa, Charysah,
Charyss, Charyssa, Charyssah, Charysse
Casey Brave Cacee, Cacey, Caci, Cacia, Cacie,
Cacy, Caecee, Caecey, Caeci, Caecie, Caecy, Caicee, Caicey, Caici,
Caicie, Caicy, Caisee, Caisey, Caisi, Caisie, Caisy, Casee, Casi,
Casia, Casie, Casy, Caycee, Caycey, Cayci, Caycie, Caysee, Caysey,
Caysi, Caysie, Caysy, Kacee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy, Kaicee, Kaicey,
Kaici, Kaicie, Kaicy, Kasy, Kasey, Kaycee, Kaycey, Kayci, Kaycie, Kaycy
Cassandra Prophet Casandera, Casandra, Casandre,
Casandri, Casandria, Casandrina, Casandrine, Casondra, Casondre,
Casondria, Casondriah, Cassander, Cassendera, Cassandre (French),
Cassondra, Cassondre, Kasandra, Kasandrah, Kasandre, Kasandria,
Kassandre (French)
Cassia Flowering Casia, Casiah, Cassiah, Casya,
Cassyah, Kasia, Kasiah, Kassia, Kassiah
Cassidy Clever, Curly-haired. Cassadee, Cassadey, Cassadi, Cassadia,
Cassadie, Cassady, Cassidee, Cassidey, Cassidi, Cassidia, Cassidie,
Cassydie, Cassydy, Kassidee, Kassidey, Kassidie, Kassidy
Cassie Prophet. A short form of names
beginning with “Cass”.
Casie, Cassy, Cazzie, Cazzy, Kassee,
Kassey, Kazzie, Kazzy
Catava Sleeping Catavah African
Cathal Eye of the battle. Cathall, Cathalla, Cathalle, Cathel,
Cathell, Cathella, Cathelle, Kathal, Kathall, Kathalla, Kathalle,
Kathel, Kathell, Kathella, Kathelle
Catherine Pure, Virginal, Purity. Cairena, Cairene, Cairina, Cairinah,
Cairine, Caitlin (Irish), Caitrin, Catalina, Catalinah, Cataline,
Catana (Spanish), Catania, Cataniah, Catanya, Catanyah, Cataut (Old
French), Catelini, Cateret, Caterina (Italian), Catrinah, Caterine,
Catha, Catharin, Catharina (Portuguese), Catharinah, Catarine, Catheau,
Catherina, Catherinah, Cathlean, Cathleana, Cathleanah, Cathleane,
Cathleene, Cathrina, Cathrinah, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathryna, Cathrynah,
Cathryne, Cathwyg, Cathy, Catlin, Caton, Catrion, Catriona (Gaelic),
Catrionah, Catrione, Cattarin, Cattarina (Italian), Cattariney,
Cattarine, Catuja (Spanish), Catya, Catyah, Cawth (Irish), Ekatrina,
Kaatje (Dutch),  Kaferin, Kaferina, Kaferinah, Kaferine, Kaferyn,
Kaferyna, Kaferynah, Kaferyne, Kafferin, Karfferina, Kafferinah,
Kafferine, Kafferyn, Kafferyna, Kafferynah, Kafferyne, Kardreinl,
Kajsa (Swedish), Kalina (Swedish), Kalinah, Katarine, Kataryn,
Kataryna, Katarynah, Kataryne, Katarzyna (Polish), Kate, Katey,
Kateren, Katharin, Katharina, Katharinah, Katharine, Katharyn,
Katharyna, Katharynah, Katharyne, Katherin, Katherina, Katherinah,
Katherine, Katheryn, Katheryna, Katherynah, Katheryne, Kathran,
Kathren, Kathrin, Kathron, Kathrun, Kathryn, Kathy, Kati, Katie, Katja,
Katreen, Katreena, Katreenah, Katreene, Katren, Katrena, Katrenah,
Katrene, Katri (Estonian), Katria, Katriah, Katrian, Katriana,
Katrianah, Katriane, Katriann, Katrianna, Katriannah, Katrianne,
Katrien (German), Katriena, Katrienah, Katrienja, Katrijin, Katrina
(Australian), Katrinah (Australian), Katrinka, Katrinna (Australian),
Katrinnah, Katrinne, Katryn, Katryna, Katrynah, Katryne, Katterie
(Slavic), Katterle, Katushka, Katya (Russian)
Cathleen Purity Cathlean, Cathleana, Cathleanah,
Cathleane, Cathleena, Cathleena, Cathleenah, Cathleene, Cathlen,
Cathlena, Cathlenah, Cathlene, Cathlin, Cathlina, Cathlinah, Cathline,
Cathlyn, Cathlyna, Cathlynah, Cathlyne, Kathleena, Kathleenah,
Kathleene, Kathlina, Kathlinah, Kathline, Kathlyn, Kathlyna, Kathlynah,
Irish, Greek
Cathy Pure, virginal. A short form of
Kathy Greek
Catrina Purity. A form of Katrina. Catereana, Catereanah, Catereane,
Catereena, Catereenah, Catereene, Caterina, Caterinah, Caterine,
Cateryna, Caterynah, Cateryne, Catreana, Catreanah, Catreen, Catreena,
Catreenah, Catreene, Catrena, Catrenah, Catrene, Catrenia, Catrinah,
Catrine, Catrinia, Catriona, Catrionah, Catrione, Catryn, Catryna,
Catryne, Catrynia, Catrynya, Katerina, Katerinah, Katerine, Kateryna,
Katerynah, Kateryne, Katreana, Katreanah, Katreane, Katreena,
Katreenah, Katreene, Katrina, Katrinah, Katrine
Slavic, Greek
Cayla Crown of laurel. Caela, Caelah, Caelea, Caeleah,
Caelee, Caelei, Caeleigh, Caeley, Caeli, Caelia, Caeliah, Caelie,
Caely, Cailea, Caileah, Cailee, Cailei, Caileigh, Caili, Cailia,
Cailiah, Cailie, Caily, Calea, Caleah, Calee, Calei, Caleigh, Caley,
Caylee, Caylie, Cayly, Kalei, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kayley
Ceara Spear Cearah Irish, Gaelic
Cecania Freedom Cecanie, Cecaniah German
Cecilia Blind, Unseeing. A feminine form of
Cacilia (German), Caciliah, Cacilie
(German), Caecil, Caecilia, Caeciliah, Caecilie, Cecelia, Ceceliah, Cecile, Ceciliah
(Spanish, Italian), Cecilie (German), Cecily (Old English), Cecilya
(Illyrian), Cecylja (Polish), Celia (Swedish, Italian), Celiah, Celie
(French), Celina, Celinah, Celine (French), Cicely, Cilina, Cilinah,
Cylina, Cylinah, Cylyne, Hiria, Leola, Sheelagh (Irish, Gaelic),
Shelah (Irish, Gaelic), Sheila (Irish, Gaelic), Sile (Irish), Sileas
(Scottish), Sissel (Irish), Zezilya, Zilia, Ziliola
Cedrica Gift, Splendour; War chief. The
feminine form of Cedric.
Cedricah, Cedryca, Cedrycah Welsh; Old English
Ceinlys Gem Ceinlis, Ceynlis, Ceynlys, Seinlis,
Seinlys, Seynlis, Seynlys
Ceinwen Precious gem, Beautiful Ceinwin, Ceinwyn, Ceinwynn, Ceinwynne,
Ceynwin, Ceynwyn, Ceynwynn, Ceynwynne
Celandine Little swallow, Yellow flowering
Celandina, Celandinah, Celandrina,
Celandrinah, Celandrine, Celandryna, Celandrynah, Celandryne
Greek, Frnch
Celena Moon, Heavenly. Caleena, Caleene, Calina, Caline,
Calyn, Calyna, Calyne, Celean, Celeana, Celeanah, Celeane, Celeen,
Celeena, Celeenah, Celeene, Celin, Celina, Celinah, Celinda, Celinka,
Celine, Celka, Celyn, Celyna, Celynah, Celyne, Seleena, Seleene,
Selina, Seline, Selyn, Selyna, Selyne
Greek, French
Celeste From the sky, Moon, Heavenly. Celesta, Celestah, Celestar,
Celestelle, Celestia, Celestial, Celestiar, Celestina, Celestine,
Celestyn, Celestyna (Polish), Celestyne, Celina, Celinda, Celine,
Celinka, Selest, Selesta, Selestah, Seleste, Selestin, Selestina,
Selestinah, Selestine, Selestyna, Selestynah, Selestyne
Greek, French
Celestina Little moon, Little heavenly one. Celeste, Celesteana, Celesteanah,
Celesteane, Celesteen, Celesteena, Celesteenah, Celesteene, Celestin,
Celestinah, Celestine, Celestyn, Celestyna, Celestynah, Celestyne,
Selest, Selestina, Selestinah, Selestine, Selesteana, Selesteanah,
Selestane, Selesteena, Selesteenah, Selesteene, Selestina, Selestinah,
Selestine, Selestyna, Selestynah, Selestyne
Greek, French, Latin
Celia Blind. A short form of Cecilia,
Cecile, Cecilia Latin
Celie Moon, Heavenly. Celea, Celeah, Celee, Celei, Celeigh,
Celey, Celi, Cely, Selea, Seleah, Selee, Selei, Seleigh, Seley, Seli,
Selie, Sely
Greek, French
Celina Moon Celine Greek, French
Celine Moon, Heavenly. Celeana, Celeanah, Celeane, Celeena,
Celeenah, Celeene, Celina, Celinah, Celinia, Celiniah, Celyna, Celynah,
Celyne, Selina, Selinah, Seline, Selinia, Seliniah, Selyna, Selynah,
Greek, French
Cella She is freedom. Cellah, Cellia, Celliah, Cellya,
Cellyah, Sella, Sellah, Sellia, Selliah, Sellya, Sellyah
Italian, French
Celosia Flaming Celosiah, Celosya, Celosyah, Selosia,
Selosiah, Selosya, Selosyah
Celyren Holly Celeeren, Celeighren, Celiren Welsh
Cera Red/brown complexioned, Belt. Ceara, Cearah, Ciar, Ciara, Ciarah,
ciora, Ciorah, Cyra, Cyrah, Sera, Serah, Sira, Sirah, Syra, Syrah
Irish, Welsh
Cerelia From the spring in the meadow. Cereliah, Cerelya, Cerelyah, Serelia,
Sereliah, Serelya, Serelyah
Cerella Spring time. Cerela, Cereelah, Cerelisa, Cerelise,
Cerellah, Cerelle
Ceres Goddess of the harvest; Candle. Cerelia, Cereliah, Cerelya, Cerelyah Roman; Latin
Ceridwen Poetry, White. The Welsh goddess of
Ceridwyn, Ceridwen, Cerydwen,
Cerydwin, Cerydwyn, Cerydwynn, Cerydwynne
Cerise Cherry Carice, Carise, Caryce, Caryse,
Cariss, Cerice, Ceryce, Ceryse, Charise, Charriss, Charrissa,
Charrissee, Sherise, Sheriss, Sherissa, Sherisse
Cerys Love Ceris Welsh
Ceyda A person who is good and useful and
either beneficial, dutiful, caring or auspicious. Someone tall and
Ceydan Arabic, Turkish
Chaanach Graceful Chanach Hebrew
Chablis Dry, white wine. Chabli, Chabliss French
Chadee From Chad in Africa. A feminine form
of Chad, from the warrior’s estate.
Chaddey, Chadey French
Chahna Loving Chahnah Hindi
Chai Life Chay Hebrew
Chaka Energy circle. A form of Chakra. Chakra, Chakrah, Chakia, Chakiah,
Chakira, Chakria, Chakriya, Chakya, Chakyah, Chakyra, Chakyrah, Shakra,
Shakrah, Shakeeia, Shakeeiah, Shakeeya, Shakeeyah, Shakeia, Shakeiah,
Shakeya, Shakiya, Shakiyah, Shakya, Shakyah, Shekela, Shekia, Shekiah,
Shekya, Shekyah
Chalice Goblet Chalace, Chalcia, Chalcie, Chalece,
Chaliece, Chaliese, Chalisa, Chalise, Chalisk, Chalissa, Challa,
Challain, Challaina, Challaine, Challis, Challsa, Challise, Challiss,
Challissa, Challisse, Chalyce, Chalyse, Challyce, Challysa, Challyse,
Chalyce, Chalyse
Chalina Rose Chalin, Chalinah, Chaline, Chalyn,
Chalyna, Chalynah, Chalyne, Shalina, Shalinah, Shaline, Shalyn,
Shalyna, Shalynah, Shalyne
Chalonna Solitary Chalona, Chalonah, Chalone, Chalonee,
Chalonnah, Chalonne, Chalonnee
Chamania Sunflower Chamaniah, Chamanya, Chamanyah Hebrew
Chambray Light fabric. Chambrae, Chambrai, Chambre, Chambree,
Chambrey, Chambri, Chambria, Chambrie, Chambry, Shamrae, Shambrai,
Shambre, Shambree, Shambrey, Shambri, Shambria, Shambry
Chameli Jasmine flower. Chamelia, Chameliah, Chamelie,
Chan Tree which is sweet smelling. Chana, Chanae, Chanah, Shana, Shanae,
Chana God is gracious. A form of Hannah. Chanah, Channa, Channah, Shana,
Shanah, Shanna, Shannah
Chanda Goddess Chandah, Chandea, Chandee, Chandey,
Chandi, Chandia, Chandiah, Chadie, Chandy, Chandya, Shanda, Shandea,
Shandee, Shandey, Shandi, Shandie, Shandy
Chandani Moonlight Chandanee, Chandaney, Chandania,
Chandaniah, Chandany, Chandanya, Chandanyah
Chandella Candle Chandal, Chandala, Chandalah,
Chandale, Chandel, Chandela, Chandelah, Chandele, Chandell, Chandella,
Chandellah, Shandel, Shandela, Shandelah, Shandele, Shandell,
Shandella, Shandellah, Shandelle
Chandi Great Goddess. Hindi
Chandice Talented one. Jamaican
Chandini Moonlight Hindi
Chandra Moon Chandra, Chandrah, Chandria,
Chandriah, Chandrya, Chandryah, Shandria, Shandriah, Shandrya,
Chane Name of a god, dependable. Hindi
Chanel From the strait, Pipe, Channel Chanal, Chanall, Chanalla, Chanalle,
Chanell, Chanella, Chanelle, Channel, Channell, Chanelle
Chanina Graceful Chaninah, Chanyna, Chanynah Hebrew
Chantal Singer, Song. Chantal, Chantala, Chantalah,
Chantale, Chantel, Chantela, Chantelah, Chantele, Chantell, Chantella,
Chantellah, Chantelle, Chantila, Chantile, Chantill, Chantilla,
Chantille, Chantoia, Chantoya, Chantril, Chantrill, Chantrille,
Chaunta, Chontal, Chontel, Chontela, Chontelah, Chontele, Chontell,
Chontella, Chontellah, Chontelle, Shantal, Shantel, Shantela,
Shantelah, Shantele, Shantell, Shantella, Shantellah, Sharntela,
Sharntelah, Sharntele, Sharntell, Sharntella, Sharntellah, Shontel,
Shontela, Shontelah, Shontele, Shontell, Shontella, Shontellah, Shontelle
Chantara Song. A form of Chantal. Chantarah, Chantia, Chantiah,
Chantarra, Chantarrah, Chantarria, Chantarriah, Chantarrya,
Chantarryah, Chantya, Chantyah, Shantara, Shantarah, Shantaria,
Shantariah, Shantarra, Shantarrah, Shantarria, Shanntarriah,
Shanntarya, Shanntaryah
American, French
Chantilly Fine lace. Chantilea, Chantileah, Chantilee,
Chantilei, Chantileigh, Chantili, Chantilia, Chantilie, Chantilla,
Chantillea, Chantilleah, Chantillee, Chantillei, Chantilleigh,
Chantilley, Chantilli, Chantillia, Chantillie, Chantily, Channtyly,
Shantilea, Shantileah, Shantilee, Shantiley, Shantili, Shantilie,
Shantillea, Shantilleah, Shantillee, Shantillei, Shantilleigh,
Shantilli, Shantillie, Shantilly, Shantylea, Shantyleah, Shantylee,
Shantylei, Shantyleigh, Shantyley, Shantylli, Shantyllie, Shantylly,
Chapa Beaver Chapah Sioux
Chapawee Busy beaver Sioux
Chara Joy Charah, Shara, Sharah Greek
Chardonnay Dry, white wine. Chardae, Chardai, Chadon, Chardona,
Chardonay, Chardonee, Chardonnae, Chardonnee, Shardonae, Shardonai,
Shardonay, Shardonaye
Charis Tender touch; Grace, beauty,
Charisa, Charidah, Charise, Chariss,
Charissa, Charissah, Charisse, Charys, Charysa, Charysah, Charyse,
Charyss, Charyssa, Charyssah, Charysse
French; Greek
Charisma Personal power, Attraction, Grace. Karisma, Carisma, Farrah (Persian) Greek
Charity Charitable, caring. Charissa, Carita, Caritaa, Caritah,
Caritas, Charita, Charitah, Charitas, Charitea, Charitee, Charitey,
Chariti, Charitia, Charitiah, Charitie, Charitina, Charatinah,
Charitine, Charitiyna, Charityne, Charyty, Charytia, Charytiah,
Charyty, Charytya, Charytyah, Charitie
Charla Strong, courageous. The feminine
form of Charles. A short form of Charlene.
Charlah English
Charleen Strong. Courageous one from the
Charlean, Charleana, Charleane,
Charleena, Charleene, Charlein, Charleina, Charleine, Charleyn,
Charleyna, Charleyne, Charlin, Charlina, Charline, Charlyn, Charlyna,
Charlyne, Sharlean, Sharleana, Sharleane, Sharleen, Sharleena,
Sharleene, Sharlein, Sharleina, Sharleine, Sharleyn, Sharleyna,
Sharleyne, Sharlin, Sharlina, Sharline, Sharlyn, Sharlyna, Sharlyne
Charlie Strong courageous one from the
meadow. The feminine form of Charles. A short form of Charlene.
Charla, Charlae, Charlai, Chalah,
Charlea, Charleah, Charlee, Charlei, Charleigh, Charley, Charli,
Charlia, Charliah, Charly, Charlya
German, English
Charlice / Charlize Womanly Charlyce, Charlyse, Charlysa,
Charlotte Little and
womanly, Strong courageous woman.
Carla, Carlean, Carleana, Carleane,
Carleen, Carleena, Carleene, Carlein, Carleina, Carleine, Carley,
Carleyna, Carleyne, Carlot, Carlota, Carlotah, Carlote, Carlott,
Carlotta, Carlottah, Carlotte, Carolet, Caroleta, Caroletah, Carolete,
Carolett, Caroletta, Carolettah, Carolette, Charla, Charlah, Charlean,
Charleana, Charleane, Charleen, Charleena, Charleene, Charlein,
Charleina, Charleine, Charlena, Charlenah, Charlene, Charlet, Charleta,
Charletah, Charlete, Charlett, Charletta, Charlettah, Charlette,
Chalin, Chalina, Charlinah, Charline, Charlot, Charlota, Charlotta,
Charlottah, Linuscha, Lolette, Lotje, Sharlet, Sharleta, Sharletah,
Sharlete, Sharlett, Sharletta, Sharlettah, Sharlette, Sharlot,
Sharlota, Sharlotah, Sharlote, Sharlott, Sharlotta, Sharlottah,
Charmaine Strong, courageous. A feminine formo
f Charles.
Charmain, Charmaina, Charmainah,
Charmayn, Charmayna, Charmaynah, Charmayne, Karmain, Karmaina,
Karmaine, Karmayn, Karmayna, Karmayne, Karmein, Karmeina, Karmeine,
Karmeyn, Karmeyna, Karmeyne, Kharmain, Kharmaina, Kharmaine, Kharmayn,
Kharmayna, Kharmayne, Kharmein, Kharmeina, Kharmeine, Kharmeyn,
Kharmeyna, Kharmeyne
Charmane Singer Charmain, Charmaina, Charmainah,
Charmayn, Charmayna, Charmaynah, Charmayne, Karmain, Karmaina,
Karmaine, Karmayn, Karmayna, Karmayne, Karmein, Karmeina, Karmeine,
Karmeyn, Karmeyna, Karmeyne, Kharmain, Kharmaina, Kharmaine, Kharmayn,
Kharmayna, Kharmayne, Kharmein, Kharmeina, Kharmeine, Kharmeyn,
Kharmeyna, Kharmeyne
Charo Little Rosa, Little rose. Charoe, Charow Spanish
Charrissee Cherry Charisa, Charidah, Charise, Charrisa,
Charrisah, Charrise, Charriss, Charrissa, Charrissah, Charrisse,
Charrys, Charrysa, Charrysah, Charryse, Charryss, Charryssa,
Charryssah, Charrysse, Charysa, Charysah, Charyse, Charyss, Charyssa,
Charyssah, Charysse
Charvy Beautiful Eyes Charvey, Charvi Hindi
Chasca Goddess of the dawn. Chaska Incan
Chastity Purity Chastitea, Chastitee, Chastitey,
Chastiti, Chastitie
Chaunta One who outshines the stars. Chauntah Hindi
Chava Bird Chavah, Chavala, Chavalah, Chavarra,
Chavarria, Chave, Chabeli, Chavelia, Chavelie, Chavetta, Chavette,
Chaviva, Chavonna, Chavonne, Chavvis, Chavvisa, Chavvissa
Hebrew, Yiddish
Chavella Holy and sacred to God. A form of
Chavel, Chavela, Chavelah, Chavele,
Chavell, Chavella, Charvellah, Charvelle
Chavi Little girl. Chavee, Chavey, Chavia, Chaviah,
Chavie, Chavy, Chavya, Chavyah
Chavon God is gracious. A form of Siobhain. Chavona, Chavonah, Chavone, Chavonda,
Chavondah, Chavondria, Chavondriah, Chavone, Chavonn, Chavonna,
Chavonnah, Chavonne, Chavaughn, Chavaughna, Chavaughne, Chavawn,
Chavawnah, Chavawne, Chevon, Chevona, Chevonn, Chevonna, Chevonnah,
Chevonne, Chevaughn, Chevaughna, Chevaughne, Chevawn, Chevawna,
Chevawnah, Chevawne
Chavvah To breathe, To live. Chavah, Chayah Hebrew
Chaya Gift of light, Life. Chaia, Chaiah, Chaike, Chailea,
Chaileah, Chailee, Chailei, Chayleigh, Chailey, Chaili, Chalia,
Chailiah, Chailie, Chaily, Chayah, Chayka, Chaylea, Chayleah, Chaylee,
Chayleena, Chayleene, Chaylei, Chayleigh, Chaylena, Chaylene, Chayley,
Chayli, Chaylie, Chayly
Chayla Follower Kaila (Hawaiian) Hindi
Chaylea Life meadow. Chaia, Chaiah, Chaike, Chailea,
Chaileah, Chailee, Chailei, Chayleigh, Chailey, Chaili, Chalia,
Chaileah, Chailee, Chailei, Chayleigh, Chailey, Chaili, Chalia,
Chailiah, Chailie, Chaily, Chayah, Chayka, Chayla, Chaylea, Chayleah,
Chaylee, Chayleena, Chayleene, Chaylei, Chayleigh, Chaylena, Chaylene,
Chayley, Chayli, Chaylie, Chayli
Hebrew, Old English
Chechoter Dawn Seminole
Cheera Happy Cheerah, Cheeria, Cheeriah, Cheery,
Cheerya, Cheeryah
Chelsea From the port of ships, From the
chalk sea.
Chelcea, Chelcee, Chelcey, Chelci,
Chelcia, Chelciah, Chelcie, Chelcy, Chelsee, Chelsi, Chelsie, Chelsey,
Old English
Chemarin Girl who wears black. Chemarina, Chemarine, Chermaryn,
Chermaryna, Chermaryne
Chemosh Peace Hebrew
Chen Precious Chinese
Chenetta Goose; Oak tree. Chenet, Cheneta, Chenetah, Chenet,
Chenett, Chenettah, Chenete
Greek; Old French
Chenia God is gracious. Cheniah, Chenya, Chenyah Hebrew
Chenoa White dove. Chenoah Native American
Cher Beloved. A form of Cherily / Cherie. Chere, Cheree, Cherey, Cheri, Cherie,
Cherlan, Cherlana, Cherlane, Cherree, Cherrey, Cherri, Cherrie,
Cherry, Chery, Cheryle, Sher, Shere, Sheree, Sherey, Sheri, Sherie,
Sherr, Sherree, Sherrey, Sherri, Sherrie, Sherry
Cheralee Burden Cherahlee, Cheraleigh, Sheralee,
Sheraleeh, Sheraleigh
Cherelle She is the beloved. A form of Cheryl. Charel, Charela, Charleah, Charele,
Charell, Charella, Charellah
Cherie Beloved cherry tree. Cheree, Cherey, Cheri, Cherree,
Cherrey, Cherri, Cherrie, Cherry, Chery, Sheree, Sherey, Sheri, Sherie,
Sherree, Sherrey, Sherri, Sherrie, Sherry, Shery
Cherika Moon chair-ree-kah Amharic
Cherilyn From the cherry tree near the
pool; Beloved from the pool
Cherilin, Cherilina, Cherilinah,
Cheriline, Cherilyna, Cherilynah, Cherilyne, Cherylin, Cherylyn,
Cherylynn, Cheryllynn, Sherilin, Sherilina, Sherilinah, Sheriline,
Sherilyn, Sherylyna, Sherylynah, Sherylyne, 
French / Welsh; Old English; Latin
Cherinne A form of Sharon, from the plains. French
Cherise Cherished Charisa, Charisah, Charise, Charys,
Charysa, Charysah, Charyse, Cherece, Chereece, Chereese, Cheresa,
Cherese, Cherice, Cherisse, Cherys, Cherysa, Cherysah, Cheryse
Cherish Cherished Charish, Charisha, Charishe, Charysha,
Charyshah, Cheerish, Cheerisha, Cherisa, Cherisah, Cherise, Cherishe,
Cherrish, Cherrisha, Cherrishe, Cherysh, Cherysha, Cheryshe
Cherisse Cherished, Beloved. Charisa, Charisah, Charise, Charys,
Charysa, Charysah, Charyse, Cherece, Chereece, Chereese, Cheresa,
Cherese, Cherice, Cherys, Cherysa, Cherysah, Cheryse
Cherokee People of the cave country, People
with a different speech, A tribal name.
Cherika, Cherikia, Cherita, Cherokei,
Cherokey, Cherokim Cherokia, Cherokie, Cheroky, Sherokee
Cherry Cherry Tree. Beloved Chere, Cheree, Cherey, Cherida,
Cherise, Cherita, Cherree, Cherrey, Cherri, Cherrie, Cherrye, Chery
Old English
Cheryl Beloved, love Cher, Cheral, Cherel, Cherell,
Cherella, Cherelle, Cheril, Cherila, Cherille, Cherrel, Cherrela,
Cherrelle, Cherril, Cherrila, Cherrile, Sheril, Sherill, Sherille,
Sheryl, Sheryll, Sherylle
Cheyenne  A tribal name. Graceful oak tree. Cheian, Cheiann, Cheianne, Cheyan,
Cheyana, Cheyane, Cheyann, Cheyanna, Cheyanne, Cheyena, Cheyene,
Cheyenn, Cheyenna, Cheyennah, Chyan, Chyann, Chyanna, Chyanne, Chyen,
Chyena, Chyene, Chyenn, Chyenna, Chyenne, Shaianne, Shayene, Shayenne,
Shianna, Shiannah
Native American, French/Hebrew
Chezna Peace Chesna, Chesnah, Chessna, Chessnah,
Cheznah, Cheznia, Chezniah, Cheznya, Cheznyah
Chiara Clear; Bright and Famous; Princess Cheara, Chyara Italian
Chika One who is near and dear, Beloved. Chikah, Chyka,  Chykah Japanese
Chiku One who chatters. Swahili
Chilali Snow bird. Chilalea, Chilaleah, Chilalee,
Chilalei, Chilaleigh, Chilalie, Chilaly
Native American
Chimalis Blue bird. Chymalis Native American
Chimene Hospitable French
China Fine porcelain; Geographical – the
Chinaetta, Chinah, Chinasa, Chinda,
Chine (French), Chinea, Chinesia, Chinita, Chinna, Chinwa, Chyna,
Chynah, Chynna, Chynnah
Chinira God will receive. Chinara, Chinarah, Chinirah, Chynira,
Chinue With God’s own blessing. Ibo
Chiquita Little girl. Chaqueta, Chaquita, Chica, Chikata,
Chikita, Chiqueta, Chiquila, Chiquite, Chiquitha, Chiquithe, Chiquitia,
Chita Kitten Middle English
Chitsa Fair-haired Chitsah Native American
Chiyo Eternal Chiya Japanese
Chizu A thousand storks. Japanese
Chloe Blooming, Flowering, Goddess of
Chloea, Chloee, Chloey, Chloris,
Chlorisa, Chlorise, Chlorys, Chlorysa, Cholryse, Cloe, Cloea, Cloee,
Cloey, Cloi, Cloie, Cloris, Clorisa, Clorise, Clorys, Clorysa, Cloryse,
Clowee, Clowey, Clowi, Clowie, Khloe, Khloea, Khloee, Khloey, Khloi,
Khloie, Khloris, Khlorisa, Khlorise, Khlorys, Khlorysa, Khloryse,
Khloy, Kloe, Kloea, Kloee, Kloey, Kloi, Kloie, Klowee, Klowey, Klowi,
Klowie, Klowy
Cho Butterfly, Born at dawn; Beautiful. Japanese; Korean
Choden The devout one. Tibetan
Cholena Bird Choleana, Choleanah, Choleane,
Choleena, Choleenah, Choleene, Choleina, Choleinah, Choleyna,
Choleynah, Choleyne, Cholenah, Cholene, Cholina, Cholinah, Choline,
Cholyna, Cholynah, Cholyne
Native American
Chooli Mountain Choolea, Chooleah, Choolee, Choolei,
Chooleigh, Choolie, Chooly
Choomia Kiss Choomiah, Choomya, Choomyah Gypsy
Chriki Blessed Swahili
Chrislyn Chrislynn, Chrislynne, Chryslyn,
Chryslynn, Chryslynne, Krislyn, Krislynn, Krislynne, Kryslyn, Kryslynn,
Chrissanth Golden flower. Chrisanth, Chrisantha, Chrisanthia,
Chrisanthiah, Chrisanthya, Chrisanthyah, Chrysantha, Chrysanthe,
Chrysanthia, Chrysanthiah, Chryzanta, Chryxzanta, Chryzante,
Chryzanthia, Chryzanthiah, Chryzanthya, Chryzanthyah
Chrissy Christ-bearer, Christian. A short
form of names starting with ‘Chris’.
Chrisea, Chrisee, Chrisi, Chrisie,
Chrissea, Chrissee, Chrissey, Chrissi, Chrissie, Chrissy, Chrisy,
Chrys, Chrysi, Chrysie, Chryss, Chryssi, Chryssie, Chryssy, Chrysy
German, Greek, English
Christa Christ-bearer. A pet form of names
beginning with “Chris”.
Christah, Christar, Christara,
Christarah, Chrysta, Crystah, Chrystar, Chrystara, Crysta, Crystah,
Chrystar, Crystara, Crystarah, Krista, Kristah, Krysta, Krystah
German, Greek
Christabel Beautiful Christian. Christabeel, Christabela,
Christabelah, Christabele, Christabell, Christabella, Christabellah,
Christabelle, Christobel, Christobell, Christobella, Christobelle,
Cristabel, Cristabelah, Cristabele, Cristabell, Cristabella,
Cristabellah, Cristabelle, Chrystabel, Chrystabela, Chrystabelah,
Chrystabele, Chrystabell, Chrystabella, Chrystabellah, Chrystabelle,
Chrystobel, Chrystobela, Chrystobelaah, Chrystobele, Chrystobell,
Chrystobella, Chrystobellah, Chrystobelle
Latin, French
Christen Christian. A form of Christina. Christan, Christen, Christin,
Christon, Christyn, Chrystan, Chrysten, Chrystin, Chryston, Chrysten,
Chrystin, Chryston, Chrystyn, Crestian, Crestiana, Crestianah,
Crestiane, Crestiann, Crestianna, Crestiannah, Crestianne, Crestyan,
Crestyana, Crestyanah, Crestyane, Crestyann, Crestyanna, Crestyannah,
Crestyanne, Cristan, Cristen, Cristia, Cristian, Cristiana, Cristianah,
Cristiane, Cristiann, Cristianna, Cristiannah, Cristianne, Cristin,
Criston, Cristyn, Kristan, Kristen, Kristia, Kristian, Kristiana,
Kristianah, Kristiane, Kristiann, Kristianna, Kristiannah, Kristianne,
Kristin, Kriston, Kristyn, Krystan, Krysten, Krystin, Kryston, Krystyn
Christian Christian. A form of Christina. Christiana, Christanah, Christiane,
Christiann, Christianna, Christiannah, Christianne, Christianni,
Christiannia, Christianniah, Christianne, Christien, Christeina,
Christeinah, Christeine, Christeinn, Christeinna, Christeinnah,
Christeinne, Chrystian, Chrystian, Chrystiana, Chrystianah, Chrystiane,
Chrystiann, Chrystiannah, Chrystianne, Chrystyan, Chrystyana,
Chrystyanah, Chrystyane, Chrystyann, Chrystyanna, Chrystyannah,
Chrystyanne, Khristian, Khristien, Khristyn, Kristian, Kristiana,
Kristianah, Kristiane, Kristiann, Kristianna, Kristiannah, Kristianne,
Kristien, Kriston, Kristyn
Christiana Christ-bearer; annointed Chrissy,
Christina, Christine
Christie Little Christian. Christee, Christey, Christi, Chrisite,
Christy, Chrystee, Chrystey, Chrysti, Chrystie, Chrysty, Khristee,
Khristey, Khristi, Khristie, Khristy, Khrystee, Khrystey, Khrysti,
Khrystie, Khrysty
Christina Christ-bearer Greek; Latin
Christine Christ-bearer, Little Christian Christain, Christaina, Christainah,
Christaine, Christayn, Christan, Christana, Christanah, Christane,
Christean, Christeana, Christeanah, Christeane, Christeen, Christeena,
Christeenah, Christeene, Christein, Christeina, Christeinah,
Christeine, Christia, Christian, Christiana (German), Christianah,
Christiane, Christin, Christinah, Christyn, Christyna, Christynah,
Christyne, Chrystyn, Chrystyna, Chrystynah, Chrystyne, Cristabel,
Cristabela, Cristabelah, Cristabele, Cristabell, Cristabella,
Cristabellah, Cristabelle, Cristain, Cristaina, Cristainah, Cristaine,
Cristan, Cristana, Cristanah, Cristane, Cristean, Cristeana,
Cristeanah, Cristeane, Cristeen, Cristeena, Cristeenah, Cristeene,
Cristein, Cristeina, Cristeinah, Cristeine, Cristen, Cristena,
Cristenah, Cristene, Cristin, Cristina, Cristine, Crystyn, Crystyna,
Crystynah, Crystyne, Khristean, Kiristeana, Khristeanah, Khristeane,
Khristeen, Khristeena, Khristeenah, Khristeene, Khristein, Khristeina,
Khristeinah, Khristeine, Khristin, Khristina, Khristinah, Khristine,
Khristyn, Khristyna, Khristynah, Khristyne, Khrystyn, Khrystyna,
Khrystynah, Khrystyne, Krista, Kristabel, Kristabela, Kristabelah,
Kristable, Kristabell, Kristabella, Kristabellah, Kristabelle,
Kristain, Kristaina, Kristainah, Kristaine, Kristan, Kristana,
Kristanah, Kristane, Kristayn, Kristayna, Kristaynah, Kristeen,
Kristeena, Kristeenah, Kristeene, Kristin, Kristina, Kristinah,
Kriston, Kristyn, Kristyna, Kristynah, Kristyne, Kristynn, Kristynna,
Kristynnah, Kristynne, Krysta, Krystal, Krystan, Krystana, Krystanah,
Krystane, Krysteen, Krysteena, Krysteenah, KRystin, Krystina,
Krystinah, Krystine, Kryston, Krystyn, Krystyna, Krystynah, Krystyne,
Krystynn, Krystynna, Krystynnah, Krystynne
Greek; Latin
Christmas Born at Christmas time. Chrystmas English
Christy Christian. A short form of names
starting with ‘Christ’.
Christee, Christey, Christi, Christia,
Christie, Cristee, Cristey, Cristi, Cristia, Cristie, Cristy, Crystee,
Crystey, Crysti, Crystia, Crystie, Crysty, Khristee, Khristey, Khristi,
Khristie, Khristy, Khrystee, Khrystey, Khrysti, Khrystie, Khrysty
Chrys Christian. A form of names starting
with ‘Chris’. The feminine form of Chris.
Chris, Chriss, Chryss, Cris, Criss,
Cryss, Khris, Khriss, Khrys, Khryss, Kris, Kriss, Krys, Kryss
English, Greek
Chrysanthe Golden flower. Chrisanth, Chrisantha, Christanthia,
Chrisanthiah, Chrisanthya, Chrisanthyah, Chrysantha, Chrysanthia,
Chrysanthiah, Chryzanta, Chryxzanta, Chryzante, Chryzanthia,
Chryzanthiah, Chryzanthya, Chryzanthyah
Chryseis Golden, Daughter of the gold. Chryseys, Chryzanta (Polish),
Greek, Latin
Chu Pearl; Rattle-snake girl. Chumanah, Chumanna, Chumannah Chinese; Native American
Chumani Dew drop. Chumanee Sioux
Chun The renewal of nature. Burmese
Chyler Chyla, Chyah, Kyhler, Khylah, Khyla,
Kyla, Kylah, Kyler, Cyla, Cyler, Cylah
Chyra Graceful Kyra, Khyra Scandinavian
Ciana God is gracious. A form of Jane;
Cianah, Ciandra Italian; Chinese
Ciannait Ancient Cianait Irish
Ciara Black Ciarah, Ciarra, Ciarrah, Ciera,
Cierah, Cierra, Cierrah, Cyarah, Cyarra, Cyarrah, Cyera, Cyerah,
Cyerra, Cyerrah
Cicely Unseeing Cicelea, Ciceleah, Cicelee, Cicelei,
Ciceleigh, Ciceley, Ciceli, Cicelie, Siselea, Siseleah, Siselee,
Siselei, Siseleigh, Siseli, Siselie, Sisely
Cien Ancient Cian, Ciana, Cianah, Ciena, Ciena,
Cindarella Little one from the ashes. Cindarel, Cinderela, Cinderelah,
Cinderele, Cinderellah, Cinderelle, Cynderel, Cynderela, Cynderelah,
Cynderell, Cynderella, Cynderellah, Cynderelle, Sinderel, Sinderela,
Sinderele, Sinderell, Sinderella, Sinderelle, Synderell, Synderella,
Cindy Little ashes. A short form of
Cinderella or Cynthia (moon).
Cindea, Cindeah, Cindee, Cindey,
Cindi, Cindie, Cyndea, Cyndeah, Cyndee, Cyndey, Cyndi, Cyndie, Cyndy,
Sindea, Sindeah, Sindee, Sindey, Sindi, Sindie, Sindy, Syndea, Syndeah,
Syndee, Syndey, Syndi, Syndie, Syndy
Cinnamon Fragrant Cinamon, Cynamon, Cynnamon, Sinamon,
Sinnamon, Synamon, Synnamon
Old French
Cinnia Curly-haired Cinia, Ciniah, Cinniah, Sinia, Siniah,
Snnia, Sinniah
Cipriana Lady from Cyprus. Cipriann, Ciprianna, Ciprianne,
Cyprian, Cypriana, Cyriane, Cyprenne
Cirilla Lordly Cirila, Cirilah, Cyrila, Cyrilla,
Cyrille, Cyryll, Cyrylla, Cyrylle
Cissy Sister, Unseeing. A short form of
names starting with ‘Ces’.
Cissi, Cissie, Sissi, Sissie, Sissy Latin, American, English
Claire Brilliant, Clear, Bright. Claare, Clair, Claira, Clairah, Claire (French), Clar,
Clare, Claret,
Claretta (Spanish), Claretah, Clarete, Clarett, Claretta, Clarettah,
Clarette, Clarinda, Clarina, Clarinah, Clarine, Clarita (Spanish),
Claritah, Clarite, Claryt, Clarytta, Claryttah, Clarytte,  Klaare,
Klaret, Klareta, Klaretah, Klarete, Klarett, Klaretta, Klarettah,
Klarette, Sorcha (Scottish)
Clara Brilliant, Clear, Bright. Chiara (Italian), Claara, Claarah,
Clarah, Klaara, Klaarah, Klara (German), Klarah
Clarenza Famous one. A feminine form of
Clarence, illustrious, shining and famous one.
Clarensia, Clarensiah, Clarensya,
Clarensyah, Clarenzia, Clarenziah, Clarenzya, Clarenzyah
Clarest Most brilliant. Claresta, Clarestah, Clarestar,
Claribell Bright, Clear, Beautiful. Clarabel, Clarabela, Clarabelah,
Clarabele, Clarabell, Clarabella, Clarabellah, Clarabelle, Claribel,
Claribela, Claribelah, Claribele, Claribella, Claribellah, Claribelle,
Clarobel, Clarobela, Clarolbnelah, Clarobele, Clarobell, Clarobella,
Clarobelle, Clarybel, Clarybela, Clarybelah, Clarybele, Clarybell,
Clarybella, Clarybelle
Clarice Brilliant, Bright, Clear. A French
form of Clara.
Clareace, Clarease, Clareece,
Clareese, Claric, Claris, Clarise, Clariss, Clarisse, Claryc, Claryce,
Clarys, Claryse
Clarimond Light from the new world; Brilliant
Clarimon, Clarimund, Clarymon,
Clarymond, Clarymund
Old Frech, Old German
Clarinda Bright, Wise; Brilliant, Beautiful. Clairinda, Clairynda, Clarinda,
Clarindah, Clarynda, Claryndah
Latin, Teutonic; Spanish
Clarissa Bright, Clear. Claris, Clarisa, Clarisah, Clarise,
Clariss, Clarissah, Clarisse, Clarys, Clarysa, Clarysah, Claryse,
Claryss, Claryssa, Claryssah, Clarysse, Klarisa, Klarisah, Klarise,
Klarissa, Klarissah, Klarise, Klarysa, Klarysah, Klaryse, Klaryss,
Klaryssah, Klarysse
Clarita Clear, Bright. A form of Clara,
Clareata, Clareatah, Clareate,
Clareeta, Clareetah, Clareete, Clareta, Claretah, Clarete, Claretta,
Clarettah, Clarette, Clarita, Claritah, Clarite, Claritta, Claritte,
Claryta, Clarytah, Claryte, Clarytta, Claryttah, Clarytte, Klareata,
Klareatah, Klareate, Klareeta, Klareetah, Klareete, Klareta, Klaretah,
Klarete, Klaretta, Klarettah, Klarette, Klarita, Klaritah, Klarite,
Klaritta, Klarite, Klaryta, Klarytah, Klaryte, Klarytta, Klaryttah,
Spanish, Latin
Claudette Little weak one. A feminine form of
Claudet, Claudeta, Claudetah,
Claudete, Claudett, Claudetta, Claudettah, Clawdet, Clawdeta,
Clawdetah, Clawdete, Clawdett, Clawdetta, Clawdettah, Clawdette
Claudia Weak, The fragile one. The feminine
form of Claude.
Claud, Clauda, Claudah, Claude,
Claudea, Claudee, Claudet, Claudeta, Claudete, Claudett, Claudetta,
Claudettah, Claudette (French), Claudiah, Claudin, Claudina, Claudinah,
Claudine (French), Clause (French), Claudyn, Claudyna, Claudynah,
Claudyne, Klaudia, Klaudiah, Klaudja (Lithuanian), Klaudya
(Lithuanian), Klaudyah
Cleantha Flower of glory. Cliantha, Clyantha Greek
Clematis Brushwood, Vine. The name of a
Clematisa, Clematise, Clematiss,
Clematissa, Clematisse, Clematys, Clematysa, Clematyse, Clematyss,
Clematyssa, Clematysse
Clementia Mild, Gentle. Clemence (French), Clemency
(English), Clemente (French), Clementia, Clementiah, Cleementina
(German), Clementinah, Clementine, Clemenza (Polish)
Clementine Merciful Clemence (French), Clemency
(English), Clemente (French), Clementia, Clementiah, Cleementina
(German), Clementinah, Clemenza (Polish)
Cleo Little fame. Clea, Clio Greek
Cleone Famous Cleaona, Cleaonee, Cleoney, Cleoni, Cleonie, Cleony Greek
Cleopatra Famous, Her father’s pride and joy. Greek
Cleta Famous Cletah Greek
Cleva From the cliff. A feminine form of
Clevah, Clevara, Clevarah Middle English
Clio The proclaimer. Cleo Greek
Clodagh River in Tipperary. Irish
Clorinda Famous beauty. Clorind, Clorynd, Clorynda Persian
Clotilda Famous in the loud battle. Chlotilda, Chlotilde, Clotilde Teutonic
Clove Nail, Aromatic spice. Latin
Clover Luck, The clover plant. Claver (Old English), Clova, Clovar, Clovah Old English
Clymene Famous Climen, Climena, Clymen, Clymena, Clymene Greek
Coahoma Red panther. Coahomah Choctaw
Cobi Replacer. A form of Jacob. The
feminine form of Coby.
Cobe, Cobee, Cobey, Cobi,
Cocheta Foreigner Cochetah Native American
Coco Coconut; Sweet smelling. Koko Spanish
Cody Cushion; Pillow. Helpful Codea, Codee, Codey, Codi, Codie,
Kodea, Kodee, Kodey, Kodi, Kodie, Kody
Old English; Irish / Gaelic
Colby By the coal town, Dark-haired. Colbea, Colbee, Colbey, Colbi, Colbie English
Colette Little victorious army. Colet, Coleta, Coletah, Colete,
Colett, Coletta, Colettah, Kolet, Koleta, Koletah, Kolete, Kolett,
Koletta, Kolettah, Kolette, Nicole
French, Greek
Colina Young child. Peaceful dove; From the
coal pool. The feminine form of Colin
Colean, Coleana, Coleane, Coleen,
Coleena, Coleenah, Coleene, Colinah, Coline, Colyn, Colyna, Colynah,
Irish, Old English
Colleen Girl Colean, Coleana, Coleane, Coleen,
Coleena, Coleenah, Coleene, Colinah, Colinah, Coline, Collean,
Colleana, Colleane, Colleena, Colleenah, Colleene, Collinah, Collinah,
Colline, Collyn, Collyna, Collynah, Collyne, Colyn, Colyna, Colynah,
Columba Dove Colina, Colinah, Coline, Colombe
(French), Coulumbe (French), Columbia, Columbina, Columbinah,
Columbine, Columbyna, Columbynah, Columbyne
Combara Tomorrow Combarah Australian Aboriginal
Comfort One who brings comfort or solace. Comforta Latin
Conception The beginning. Concepcion, Concepta, Concetta
(Italian), Conchita (Spanish)
Concha Shell Conchata Spanish
Conchetta Purity Concettina Italian
Conchita The beginning. Chita, Concepta, Conceptia, Concha,
Concian, Conciana, Concianah, Conciann, Concianna, Conciannah,
Concordia Harmony, Peace. Concorda, Concordah, Concordia,
Concordiah, Concordya, Concordyah
Connie Constant, Steadfast. A short form of
Conee, Coney, Coni, Conie, Connee,
conney, Conni, Conny, Cony
Conradine Bold, wise counsel. A feminine form
of Conrad.
Conradina, Conradyna, Conradyne German
Consolata Consolation Italian
Constance To be knowledgeable, Constant,
Congalie, Constancia (Spanish),
Constancy, Constanta, Constantina, Constantine, Constanza, Constanze
(German), Custance, Gostanza, Konstance, Konstacia (Bohemian,
Lithuanian), Konstancja, Konstancy, Konstancyna (Polish), Kotika
(Russian), Kotka (Russian)
Constantine Firm, Constant.
Consuela Consolation Consolata, Consuelo (Italian,
Content Satisfied Contenta Latin
Coolalie South wind. Coolalia, Coolaliah, Coolalya,
Australian Aboriginal
Cora Heart, Maiden, Girl. Corah, Kora, Korah Greek
Corabelle Beautiful girl. Corabel, Corabela, Corabelah,
Corabele, Corabell, Corabella, Corabellah, Korabel, Korabela,
Korabelah, Korabele, Korabell, Korabella, Korabellah
Greek, French
Coral From the sea. Coralea, Coraleah, Coralee, Coralei,
Coraleigh, Coralia, Coraliah, Coralie (French), Coralin, Coralina,
Coralinah, Coraline, Corel, Corla, Corelah, Corele, Corell, Corella,
Corellah, Corelle, Coril, Corila, Corilah, Corile, Corill, Corilla,
Corillah, Corille, Coryl, Coryla, Corylah, Coryle, Coryll, Corylla,
Coryllah, Corylle
Coralee Girl from the meadow; Maiden (from
Cora – daughter of Zeus and Demeter).
Coralea, Coraleah, Coralei, Coraleigh,
Corali, Coralie (French), Coraly, Koralea, Koraleah, Koralei, Koraleigh,
Korali, Koralie, Koraly
English; Greek
Corazon Heart Corazonha Spanish
Cordelia Jewell from the sea. Cordelie (French), Cordellia,
Cordellya, Cordula, Cordulia, Kordel, Kordelia, Kordellia, Kordellya,
Kordellyah, Kordelya, Kordelyah, Kordula (German)
Cordella Warm-hearted. Cordel, Cordela, Cordelah, Cordele,
Cordella, Cordellah, Cordelle
Coreita Girl Coreta, Coretah, Corettah Greek
Corey From the hollow. Coree, Cori, Corie, Cory, Koree,
Korey, Kori, Korie, Kory
Cori Girl Coree, Corey, Corie, Cory, Koree,
Korey, Kori, Korie, Kory
Corina Maiden, Girl. Corean, Coreana, Coreanah, Coreane,
Coreen, Coreena, Coreenah, Coreene, Corin, Corinah, Corinda, Corine,
Corinna, Corinnah, Corrin, Corrina, Corrinah, Corrine, Corrinn,
Corrinna, Corrinnah, Corrinne, Corran, Correana, Corranah, Correane,
Correen, Correena, Correenah, Correene, Corren, Correna, Correnah,
Correne, Corryn, Corryna, Corrynah, Corryne, Coryn, Coryna, Corynah, Coryne
Corinne From the hollow. Corin, Corinn, Coryn, Corynn, Corynne French
Corisande Girl Corysande Greek
Corissa Girl Corisa, Corisah, Corissah, Corysa,
Corysah, Coryssa, Coryssah
Latin, Greek
Corliss Cheerful Corlis, Corlisa, Corlisah, Corlise,
Corlissa, Corlissah, Corlisse, Corlys, Corlysa, Corlysah, Corlyse,
Corlyss, Corlyssa, Corlyssah, Corlysse
Old English
Cornelia Horn-coloured, Horn blower, The
cornell tree. A feminine form of Cornelius.
Cornelie (French), Cornella, Cornelle,
Cornelya, Kornelia, Korneliah, Kornelya, Kornelyah
Corona Crowned Coronah, Coronna, Coronnah, Korona,
Koronah, Koronna, Koronnah
Corra From the mountain valley. Cora, Corah, Corrah, Kora, Korah,
Korra, Korrah
Corvina Raven Corvinah, Corvyna, Corvynah Latin
Cory Head protection, Helmet used for
battle; From the hollow.
Coree, Corey, Cori, Corie, Koree,
Korey, Kori, Korie, Kory
Cosette Lamb Coset, Coseta, Cosetah, Cosete,
Cosett, Cosetta, Cosettah
Cosima Universal harmony. The feminine form
of Cosmo.
Cosimah, Cosyma, Cosymah Greek
Courtney Short-nosed; From the court. Cortnae, Cortnai, Cortnay, Cortnea,
Cortnee, Cortney, Cortneia, Cortni, Cortnie, Cortny, Corttney,
Courtena, Courtenay, Courtene, Courtlin, Courtlina, Courtlinah,
Courtline, Courtlyn, Courtlyna, Courtlynah, Courtlyne, Courtlynn,
Courtnae, Courtnai, Courtnay, Courtnee, Courtnei, Courtni, Courtnie,
Courtny, Courtoni, Courtonie, Courtony
Old French; Old English
Cree Native Canadian tribe. Native Canadian
Creina Precious one. Gaelic
Creola Home raised. Creolah French
Cressida Golden Cresida, Cressyda, Cresyda Greek
Crisiant Crystal Crisiante, Crisiante, Crysiant,
Crysianta, Crysiante, Crysyant
Crispina Curly-haired. Crispin, Crispine, Crispyn, Crispyna,
Crissy S short form of Christine, Christian. Chrissie,Chrissy,Crissie,Krissie,Krissy English
Crystal Gem, Ice; Clear Christal, Chrystal, Chrystalina,
Chrystaline, Chrystel, Cristal, Cristalie, Cristalina, Cristaline,
Cristalle, Cristel, Cristela, Cristelia, Cristalina, Cristell,
Cristella, Cristelle, Crystal, Crystala,Crystale, Crystell, Crystella,
Crystelle, Krista, Kristabel, Kristabele, Kristabell, Kristabella,
Kristabelle, Kristal, Krsitale, Kristall, Kristalle, Kristel, Kristele,
Kristell, Kristella, Kristelle, Krystal (USA), Krystalbel, Krystabele,
Krystabell, Krystalbella, Krystabelle, Krystel, Krystele, Krystell,
Krystlla, Krystelle, Krystelina, Krysteline, Krystell, Krystella,
Krystelle, Krystle (USA), Krystyl, Krystyle, Krystyll, Krystylle
Greek; Latin
Chrystalin From the crystal pool. Christalin, Christalina, Christaline,
Chrystalin, Chrystalina, Chrystaline, Cristalin, Cristalina,
Cristaline, Cristalyn, Cristalyna, Cristalyne, Crystalina, Crystalyna,
Cristalyne, Crystalina, Crystaline, Crystalyn, Crystalyna, Crystalyne
Latin, Welsh.
Curra Water spring. Currah Australian Aboriginal
Cushla Dear Irish
Cuthberta Brilliant. A feminine form of
Cuthbertina, Cuthbirta, Cuthbirtine,
Cuthburta, Cuthburtine
Old English
Cveta Flower Slavic
Cybil Soothsayer; Profit; Crystal, A form
of Sybil.
Cebel, Cebela, Cebele, Cibel, Cibela,
Cibele, Cibell, Cibella, Cibelle, Cybel, Cybela, Cybele, Cybell,
Cybella, Cybelle, Cybyl, Cybyla, Cybyle, Cybyll, Cybylla, Cybylle
Cybill Soothsayer Greek
Cyma Flowering Cymah Greek
Cymbaline Lord of the sea. Cimbalina, Cymbalina Celtic
Cynara Artichoke, Thistle. Cinara, Cinarah, Cynarah Greek
Cynthia Woman from Kynthos. This was an
epithet of the Greek moon goddess Artemis.
Cinthea, Cinthia, Cinthiah, Cinthya,
Cinthyah, Cynthea, Cynthiah, Cynthya, Cynthyah, Sinthea, Sinthia,
Sinthiah, Sinthya, Sinthyah, Synthea, Synthia, Synthiah, Synthya,
Cypris From the island of Cyprus. Cypriana, Cypriane Greek
Cyra Sun Cyrah, Kyra, Kyrah Persian
Cyrena Alluring one, Siren. Cyren, Cyrenah, Cyrene, Cyrenia,
Cyreniah, Siren, Sirena, Sirenah, Sirene, Syren, Syrena, Syrenah,
Syrenia, Syreniah
Cyria Lordly ruler. A feminine form of
Ciria, Ciriah, Cyriah, Siria, Siriah,
Syria, Syriah
Cyriaca Child born on a Sunday. Ciriaca, Ciriacah, Cyriacah Greek
Cyrilla Lordly ruler. A feminine form of
Cerella, Cirilla, Cirylla, Cyrella,
Cytherea From the island of Cythera.  Citherea Greek
Czarina Female monarch or ruler, Princess. zar-EEN-ah Charin, Cherina, Cherinah, Cyrina,
Cyrinah, Sarina, Sharina, Zarina
Czenzi To increase. Czenzy Hungarian