Aaliyah Rising Aaliya, Aalyya, Aalyyah,
Aliya, Aliyah, Alyia, Alyiah, Alyya, Alyyah
Aaroha Love, relationship. Aroha, Aarohah Maori
Aamu Morning Finnish
Aasha Hope Aashah, Asha, Ashah Indian
Aasta Love Aastah, Asta, Astah Norse
Aba Born on a Thursday ah-BAH Abah, Abba, Abbah Ghanaian
Abbey Her father rejoiced. A
short form of Abigail.
Abbea, Abbee, Abbi, Abbie,
Abea, Abee, Abi, Abie, Abby, Aby
Abebi She was asked for and she
Abebea, Abeebe, Abeebee,
Abebie, Abeby
Abena Born on a Tuesday Abenah, Abina, Abinah,
Abyna, Abynah
Abequa Home lover Abequah Chippewa
Abigail Father
of joy
AB-ih-gayl Abaigeal (Irish),
Abbagael, Abbagail, Abbagale, Abbagayle, Abbegael, Abbegail, Abbegale,
Abbegayle, Abbigael, Abbigale, Abbigayle, Abagael, Abagail, Abagale,
Abagayle, Abegael, Abegail, Abegale, Abegayle, Abigael, Abigale,
Abigayle, Abbygael, Abbygail, Abbygale, Abbygayl, Abbygayle, Abygael,
Abygail, Abygaile, Abygayl, Abygayle
Abina Father of joy. ah-bee-NAH Hebrew
Abiona Born on a journey. ah-BEE-oh-nah Ghanaian
Abira Strong, Heroic. ah-BEER-ah Abirah, Abyra, Abyrah,
Adira, Adirah, Adyra, Adyrah, Amiza, Amizah, Amyza, Amyzah
Abla Smart, Graceful, Loving Ablar Arabic
Abra Earthmother Abrah, Abria, Abriah,
Abrya, Abryah
Abriana Mother
of many nations
Abrianah, Abriania,
Abrianiah, Abranna, Abriannah, Abrianne, Abriell, Abriella, Abrielle,
Abyan, Abryana, Abryanah, Abryane, Abryann, Abryanna, Abryannah,
Abryanne, Abryel, Abryela, Abryele, Abryell, Abryella, Abryelle
Abril   April Latin
Abyan The prominent one. Arabic
Acacia Thorny; Honourable. uh-KAY-shuh Acaciah, Acacya, Acacyah,
Cacia, Caciah, Cacya, Cacyah 
Greek; Spanish 
Acanit Hard times. ah-CHAH-neet Ugandon
Acantha Sharp, thorny, mythical
uh-KAN-thuh Acanthah Greek
Accalia Foster mother of Romulus and Remus. ah-KAY-lee-ah Latin
Acelin Noble az-LEEN Teutonic
Achilla Without lips. The
feminine form of Achilles.
Achila, Achilah, Achile,
Achillah, Achille, Achyla, Achylah, Achyle, Achylla, Achyllah, Achylle
Acima God gives high praise. Acimah, Acyma, Acymah Illyrian
Acton From the town with acorn
Actan, Acten, Actin,
Actun, Actyn
Old English
Ada Ornament; Prosperous; Of
noble birth; Happy.
AYE-duh Adah, Adan, Adda, Addah,
Addi, Addia, Addiah, Addie, Addy, Ade, Eda, Edah, Edna, Ednah
Hebrew; English; Latin, Teutonic 
Adair From the oak tree ford Adara, Adarah, Adare,
Adaira, Adairah, Adayr, Adayra, Adayre 
Adalia Noble; kind; cheerful.
The Spanish form of Adela
ah-DAHL-yah Adala, Adalah, Adaliah,
Adall, Adalla, Adalle, Adallia, Adalliah, Adallya, Adallyah, Adalya,
Adama Child of beauty; Of the
red earth. The feminine form of Adam
Adamma, Adamah, Adamia,
Adamiah, Adamin, Adamina, Adaminah, Adamine, Adamya, Adamyah, Adamyn,
Adamyna, Adamynah, Adamyne
Nigerian; Latin 
Adanna Her father’s daughter.
The feminine form of Aidan; little fiery one
Adana, Adanah, Adania,
Adaniah, Adannah, Adannia, Adanniah, Adannya, Adannyah
Adar High, Fiery. Adair, Adaira, Adairah,
Adaire, Adara, Adarah, Adare, Adayr, Adayra, Adayrah
Adara Purity; Beautiful young girl. Adarah Arabic; Greek
Adawna Jewell-like sunrise. Adawna, Adawnah Latin
Addie Son of Adam. A short form
of names beginning with “Ad”.
Addy Old English
Addison Son of Adam. Feminine form. AD-i-sun Adison, Adyson, Addyson Old English
Adela Noble, Kind, Cheerful. Adela, Adelah, Adell, Adella
(German), Adell (French), Adelya, Adelyah, Alina, Aline, Alita, Alyna,
Adelaide Noble, Of kind spirit. AD-uh-layd Adalada, Adaladah, Adalade, Adalaid,
Adaliada, Adalaidah, Adalaide, Adalayd, Adalayda, Adalaydah, Adalayde,
Adalgisa, Adelaid, Adelaida, Adelaida, Adelais (French), Adelajda
(Polish), Adelayd, Adelayda, Adelaydah, Adelayde, Adelena, Adeleine,
Adelhaid (German), Adelheid (German), Adelia (Spanish), Adeliah,
Adelicia (English), Adelin, Adelina, Adeline (English), Adeliz,
Adeliza, Adleta, Athelyna, Edelaid, Edelaide, Edelin, Edelina, Edeline,
Edolina, Edoline
Adele Noble uh-DEL Adelle German
Adelinda Noble, Serpent. Adelindah, Adelynda, Adelyndah,
Adeline Noble quality. AD-ah-line Old German
Adelpha Sister Adelfa, Adelfe, Adelfia, Adelpha,
Adelphe, Adelphia, Adelphya, Adelphyah
Adena Sensuous, Delicate; Noble. Adeana, Adeanah, Adeane, Adeena,
Adeenah, Adeene, Adenah, Adenia, Adina, Adinah, Adine, Adyna, Adynah,
Adyne, Dea, Dee, Dee-Dee, Dena, Denah, Din, Dina, Dinah, Dine, Dinee,
Diney, Dini, Dinie, Diny, Dyn, Dyna, Dynah, Dyne, Dynee, Dyney, Dyni,
Dynie, Dyny
Hebrew; Greek
Adesina Beginning of the family. Adesinah, Adesyna, Adesynah Nigerian
Adesha Divine commander, Godly. Portuguese
Adiel Ornament of the Lord. Adiela, Adielah, Adiele, Adiell,
Adiella, Adiellah, Adielle, Adyel, Adyela, Adyelah, Adyele, Adyell,
Adyella, Adyellah, Adyelle
Adina Good; voluptuous;
Adeana, Adeanah, Adeane, Adeena,
Adeenah, Adeene, Adenah, Adenia, Adinah, Adine, Adyna,
Adynah, Adyne
Aboriginal; Hebrew
Adine Tender, Delicate, Adornment; Quiet, Gods gift and
Hebrew; Inuit
Adira Strength Adirah, Adyra, Adryah Arabic
Aditi Creative power, Freedom. Aditee, Aditie, Adity, Adytee, Adytey,
Adyti, Adytie, Adyty
Adoeete Tall tree. Kiowa
Adolpha Noble, Fierce wolf, Hero. A feminine
form of Adolf.
Adolfa, Adolfah, Adolfia, Adolfiah,
Adolfya, Adolfyah, Adolphah, Adolphia, Adolphiah, Adolphie, Adolphya,
Adonica Sweet Adonicah Spanish
Adonia Beautiful woman. Adoniah, Adonya, Adonyah Greek, Spanish
Adora Adorable, Beautiful. Adorah, Adoree, Adoria, Adoriah,
Adorya, Adoryah
Adorabella Adorable, Beautiful. Adorabel, Adorabell, Adorabelle
(French), Adorabelle
Adorlee Adorable one from the meadow. Adorlea, Adorleah, Adorlei, Adorleigh,
Adorley, Adorli, Adorlia, Adorliah, Adorlie, Adorly, Adorlya, Adorlyah
Adorna Beautiful woman; Decorated with
Adornah, Adornia, Adorniah, Adornya,
Greek, Latin
Adrasta No escape. Adrastah, Adrastar Greek
Adriana Dark,
rich. From the Adriatic sea / Adria.  A feminine form of Adrian.
Adria, Adriane, Adrea,
Adreah, Adrean, Adreana, Adreanah, Adreane, Adreann, Adreanna,
Adreannah, Adreanne, Adreena, Adreenah, Adreene, Adria, Adriah,
Adrian, Adrianah, Adriane, Adrianne, Adrien, Adriena, Adrienah,
Adriene, Adrienn, Adrienna, Adriennah, Adrienne, Adrina, Adrinah,
Adrine, Adryan, Adryana, Adryanah, Adryane, Adryann, Adryannah
Adrianne Dark,
rich. From the Adriatic sea / Adria.  A feminine form of Adrian.
Adsila Flowering Adsilah Cherokee
Aerona Berry Aeronah, Aeronna,
Afina Young deer. Afinah, Afyna, Afynah, Aphina,
Aphinah, Aphyna, Aphynah
Afra Young deer. Afrah, Afria, Afriah, Afrya, Afryah Hebrew
Africa Pleasant, Geographical – the country;
Beloved freedom.
Afelica (Tongan), Affreeca, Affreecah,
Affreeka, Affreekah, Affica, Affricah, Africka, Afreeca, Afreecah,
Afreeka, Afreekah, Africah, Afryca, Afrycah
Celtic; Old English
Afton Geographical – from Afton in England. Aftona, Aftonah, Aftone, Aftonia,
Aftoniah, Aftonie, Aftony, Aftonia, Aftoniah, Aftonie, Aftony, Aftonya,
Aftonyah, Aftonye
Old English
Agapa Love Agaphah Greek
Agate Precious stone Agata, Agatah Old French/Greek
Agatha Kind, good Agace, Agacia, Agafa, Agafia, Agase,
Agata, Agathe, Agathi, Agathia, Agathiah, Agathie, Agathy, Agathya,
Agathyah, Ageia, Agota, Agueda, Aphte, Apka, Atka
Agave Noble Agava, Agavah Greek 
Aghavni Faithful dove. Armenian
Aglaia Brilliant beauty. Aglae (French), Aglaiah, Aglaya Greek
Agnella Purity Agnel, Agnela, Agnelah, Agnele,
Agnellia, Agneliah, Agnelie, Agnell, Agnellah, Agnelle, Agnellia,
Agnelliah, Agnellie, Agnelly, Agnellya, Agnellyah
Agnes Purity Adneda, Agna, Agnella,
Agnelle, Agnesca, Agnese, Agnessa, Agnesse, Agnessija, Agneta, Agnete,
Agnetha, Agnetis, Agnette, Agnies, Agnieszka, Agnizika, Agnizica,
Agnizka, Agnola, Aigneis, Agytha, Ameyce, Anis, Annais, Annes, Anneys,
Anneyse, Annice, Annot, Annys, Ina, Ines, Inesila, Inessa, Inez,
Nancy, Nesa, Nesta, Neziko 
Greek (but derivations
are from all around the world) 
Agrippa Born with the feet first. Agripa, Agripah, Agripin, Agripina,
Agripinah, Agripine, Agrippah, Agrippin, Agrippina, Agrippinah,
Agrippine, Agrypina, Agrypinah, Agrypine, Aryppina, Agryppinah,A
gryppine, Agryppyna, Agryppynah, Agryppyne
Aharona Singing, Englightened, Mountain;
Messenger. A feminine form of Aaron.
Ahronit, Arnina, Arninah, Arninit,
Arona, Aronah
Hebrew; Arabic
Ahava Loved Ahavah, Ahuda, Ahuva, Ahuvah Hebrew
Ahawi Deer Ahawee, Ahawie, Ahawy Cherokee
Ahimsa Peaceful Ahimsah, Ahymsa, Ahymsah Hindi
Ahok Beautiful, Gifted. Ahoc, Ahock Sudanese
Ahuda Peaceful Ahudah Hebrew
Ahyoka Bringer of happiness. Ahyokah Cherokee
Aida To assist, Helper; Prosperous;
Ornament; Of noble birth. An Italian form of Ada.
Aidan,A idah,A idana, Aidanah, Aidane,
Aidann, Aidanna, Aidannah, Aidanne, Ayda, Aydah, Aydan, Aydana,
Aydanah, Aydannah, Aydanne, Iraida, Iraidah
Latin, Old French; English; Hebrew;
Aidan Small fire. Adan, Adana, Adanah, Aden, Adena,
Adenah, Adene, Aidana, Aidanah, Aidane, Aydan, Aydana, Aydanah, Aydane
Aileen Shining light.  The Irish form
of Helen.
Aila, Ailean, Aileana, Aileanah,
Aileane, Ailee, Ailena, Ailenah, Ailene, Ailey, Alean, Aleana, Aleanah,
Aleane, Aleen, Aleena, Aleenah, Aleene, Alena, Alene, Alina, Aline,
Eilean, Eileana, Eileane, Eileen, Eileena, Eileene, Eilleen, Eleana,
Eleanah, Eleane, Elena, Elenah, Elene, Ileana, Ileane, Ilina, Ilinah,
Iline, Illean, Illeana, Illeanah, Illeane, Illian, Illiana, Illianah,
Illiane, Illianna, Illiannah, Illianne, Leana, Leanah, Leane, Lena,
Liana, Lianah, Lyan, Lyana, Lynah, Lyann, Lyanna, Lyannah, Lyanne
 Irish, Greek
Aillish Queen to rule Elizabeth Gaelic
Ailsa Cheerful girl. Ailsah, Aylsa,Aylsah Teutonic
Aimee Adored, Beloved. Ame, Amee, Amey, Ami, Amy, Amiee,
Amie, Amie, Aemee, Amyi  
Aine Joy, Fire Ain, Aithne, Ayn, Ayne, Eithne, Ena, Ethene Old Irish
Ainsley From the meadow clearing. Ainslea, Ainsleah, Ainslee, Ainslei,
Ainsleigh, Ainsli, Ainslie, Ainsly, Anslea, Ansleah, Anslei, Ansleigh,
Ansley, Ansli, Anslie, Ansly, Aynslea, Aynsleah, Anslee, Aynslei,
Aynsleigh, Aynsli, Aynslie, Aynsly
Old English
Airlea From the airy meadow. Airleah, Airlee, Airlei, Airleigh,
Airley, Airli, Airlie, Airly
Airleas Promise. Airlea, Airleah, Airlee, Airlei,
Airleigh, Airley, Airli, Airlie, Airly, Ayrlea, Ayrleas, Ayrlee,
Ayrlei, Ayrleigh, Ayrley, Ayrli, Ayrlie, Ayrly
Aisha Life. Aishah, Asha, Ashia, Asia, Aysha,
Ayshah, Ayshia, Ayshiah, Ayshya, Ayshyah
Aislewin White passage, White church wing. Ile-win Ailewin, Aislewen, Illewin Welsh, Gaelic
Aisling Vision, Dream ASH-lin Irish, Gaelic
Aislinn Vision, Dream, Adventurous,
ASH-lin Aislin, Aislyn, Aislynn, Aissah,
Ayslin, Ayslinn, Ayslyn, Ayslynn
Gaelic, Celtic, Irish
Aissa Vision, Dream, Adventurous,
Ayssa, Ayssah Gaelic, Celtic, Irish
Aithne Little fire. Aythne, Eithne, Ethne Celtic
Aiyana Eternal flower. Aiyanah, Ayana, Ayanah Native American
Aja Goat Ajah, Ajaran, Ajarana, Ajha, Ajia,
Ajiah, Ajya, Ajyah
Ajei My heart. Navajo
Akako Red Japanese
Akala Parrot Akalah, Akalla, Akallah Australian Aboriginal
Akasha To radiate, To shine; Sky Sanskrit; Hindi
Akasma White climbing rose. Akasmah Turkish
Akela Noble Akeia, Akeiah, Akeya, Akeyah, Akeyla,
Aki Autumn Akee, Akei, Akeia, Akeiah, Akey,
Akeya, Akeyah, Akie, Aky
Akiko Bright light. Akyko Japanese
Akilah Intelligent. Akeia, Akeiah, Akeya, Akeyah, Akia,
Akiah, Akiela, Akielah, Akila, Akilah, Akilka, Akilkah, Akyla, Akylah
Akili Wisdom. Akilea, Akileah, Akilee, Akilei,
Akileigh, Akilia, Akiliah, Akilie, Akily, Akyla, Akylah
Akuna Knowing follower. Akunah Australian Aboriginal
Alaina Handsome, Fair, Bright, Happy. A
feminine form of Alain / Alan.
Alain, Alainah, Alaine, Alana, Alanah,
Alanna, Alannah, Alayna, Alaynah, Alayne, Alina, Alinah, Aline,
Allaina, Allainah, Allaine, Allanna, Allanah, Allanne, Allyna, Allynah,
allyne, Elaina, Elainah, Elaine, Elayn, Elayna, Alaynah, Elayne, Lain,
Laina, Lainah, Laine, Lana, Lanah, Lanna, Lannah, Layna, Laynah
Alamea Precioius stone. Alameah, Alamia, Alamiah, Almya,
Alameda Cottonwood; Promenade. Alamedah Native American; Spanish
Alana Handsome; harmony; happy; peaceful.
The feminine form of Alain/Alan.
Alain, Alaina, Alainah, Alaine,
Alainna, Alainnah, Alanah, Alandra, Alandria, Alanna, Alarna, Alarnah,
Alayna, Alaynah, Alaynna, Alaynnah, Allana, Allanah, Allanna, Allannah,
Allarna, Allarnah, Allena, Allene, Allyna, Allynah, Allyne, Allynee,
Lana, Lanah, Larna, Larnah
Alani Orange tree. Alana, Alanah, Alanea, Alanee, Alaney,
Alania, Alaniah, Alanie, Alany, Alanya, Alanyah
Alanis Beautiful, bright child. Alanisa, Alanisah, Alanise, Alaniss,
Alanissa, Alanissah, Alanisse, Alannis, Alannisa, Alannisah, Alannise,
Alannys, Alannysa, Alannysah, Alannyse, Alanys, Alanysa, Alanysah,
Alanyse, Alanyss, Alanyssa, Alanyssah, Alanysse
Irish, Gaelic
Alaqua Sweet gum tree. Alaquah Native American
Alarice Wolf ruler, Fierce, Hard, Noble,
Supreme ruler of all. A feminine form of Alaric / Ulrick.
Alarica, Alaricah, Alaricia, Alarisa,
Alarisah, Alarise, Allaryca, Allaryce, Alrica, Alrica, Alricah,
Alriqua, Alriquah, Alrique, Alryca, Alrycah, Alryqua, Alryquah,
Alaska The greater land. Geographical – The
Alyeska Aleut
Alastrina The avenger. A feminine form of
Alastriana, Alastrianah, Alastriane,
Alastrianna, Alastriannah, Alastrianne, Alasttrina, Alastrinah,
Alastrine, Alastryan, Alastryana, Alastryanah, Alastryane, Alastryann,
Alastryanna, Alastryannah, Alastryanne, Alastryn, Alastryna,
Alastrynah, Alastryne, Alastrynia, Alastryniah, Alastrynya,
Alate Truth Alata, Alatah Spanish
Alaula Dawn Alaulah Hawaiian
Alayna Spirited; Oak tree See Elana English
Alaysieh Moon goddess Alyssa, Alaysia, Lasine Arabic
Alba Noble, Industrious, Bright, Famous. A
short form of Alberta.
Old English
Alberta Noble, Industrious, Bright, Famous. A
feminine form of Albert.
Albertina, Albertinah, Albertine,
Albertyna (Polish), Albertyne, Albirta, Albirtah, Albirtina,
Albirtinah, Albirtine, Albirtyna, Albyrtynah, Albirtyne, Albretta,
Albrette (French), Alburta, Alburtah, Alburtina, Alburtinah, Alburtine,
Alburtyna, Alburtynah, Alburtyne, albyrta, Albyrtah, Albyrtina,
Albyrtine, Albyrtyna, Albyrtynah, Albyrtyne, Alvert, Alverta, Alvertah,
Alvertina, Alvertine, Auberta, Aubertah, Aubertina, Aubertine, Elberta,
Elbertah, Elbertina, Elbertine, Elbertyna, Elbertyne
Old English
Alda Old, Wise, Rich. A magical fairy who
transformed people into trees and animals.
Aldah Teutonic
Aldith Experienced fighter. Ailith, Alda, Aldis, Alditha,
Aldithah, Aldithia, Aldytha, Aldythah, Aldythia, Aldythiah, Aldythya,
Old English
Aldora Superior, Noble gift. Aldorah Old English
Aldea Rich al-DEE-uh Teutonic
Aleah From the meadow. Alea, Aleaha, Aleea, Aleeah, Alei,
Aleia, Aleiah, Aleigha, Aleighah, Aleya, Aleyah, Alia, Aliah, alya,
Old English
Aleela She does cry. Aleala, Alealah, Aleelah, Aleila,
Aleilah, Aleighla, Aleighlah, Aleyla, Aleylah, Alila, Alyla, Alylah
Aleena Alone Alea, Alean, Aleana, Aleanah, Aleane,
Alee, Aleen, Aleena, Aleenah, Aleene, Aleina, Aleinah, Aleine, Aleighn,
Aleighna, Aleighnah, Aleighne, Alena, Alenah, Alene, Alina, Alinah,
Aline, Alon, Alona, Alonah, Alone, Alyn, Alyna, Alynah, Alyne
Aleka Noble; Little truthful one. A form of
Aleaka, Aleakah, Aleeka, Aleekah,
Aleika, Aleikah, Alekah, Aleyka, Aleykah
Hawaiian, German; Greek
Alena Shining light. A form of Helen. Aleana, Aleanah, Aleane, Aleena,
Aleenah, Aleina, aleinah, Aleighna, Aleighnah, Alenah, Alene, Alenka,
Aliena, Aliene, Alina, alinah, Alyna, Alynah
Russian, Latin
Aleria Eagle; Girl Alearia, Aleariah, Alearya, Alearyah,
Aleriah, Alerya, Aleryah
Latin; Australian Aboriginal
Alesia Helper Alesiah, Alesya, Alesyah Greek
Aleta Winged; Wanderer. Aleata, Aleatah, Aleeta, Aleetah,
Aleita, Aleitah, Aleighta, Aleightah, Aletah, Aleyta, Aleytah, Alita,
Alitah, Alouetta, Alouette, Alyta, Alytah, Aletta
Latin; Greek 
Alethea Truthful one. Alata, Alatah, Alathea, Alatheah,
Alathia, Alathiah, Aletah, Aletheah, Aleathia, Aleathiah, Aleathya,
Aleathyah, Aleethea, Aleetheah, Aleethia, Aleethiah, Aleethya,
Aleethyah, Aleithea, Aleitheah, Aleithia, Aleithiah, Aleithya,
Aleithyah, Aleighthea, Aleightheah, Aleighthia, Aleighthiah, Alethia,
Aletta, Alettah, Alithea, Alitheah, Alethia, Alithiah, Allathea,
Allatheah, Allathia, Allathiah, Allethea, Alletheah, Allethia,
Allethiah, Allythea, Allytheah, Allythia, Allythiah, Allythya,
Allythyah, Alythea, Alytheah, Alythia, Alythiah, Alythya, Alythyah,
Allethya, Allethyah 
Alex Defender of humankind. A short form
of Alexander.
Alix Greek
Alexa Defender of humankind. A short form
of Alexander.
Aleksia, Aleksiah, Aleksya, Aleksyah,
Alexah, Alexia, Alexiah
Alexandra Defender of humankind. The feminine
form of Alexander.
ah-less-SAHN-dra Alecsandra, Alecsandria, Alecsandrina,
Alecxandra, Alejandra, Alejandrina, Alejandrine, Alejandryn,
Alessandria, Alessandriah, Alessandrie,  Alexandria,
Alexandriah, Alexandrina, Alexandrine, Alexandrovna, Alexina, Alexinah,
Alexine,  Alexyna, Alexynah, Alexyne, Alexxandra, Alexxandrah,
Alexxandria, Alexzandra, Alexzandrah, Alixandra, Alixandrah,
Alexis Defender of humankind. A short form
of Alexander.
Alecsis, Aleksis Greek
Alfonsa Ready; noble. The feminine form of
Alfonsia, Alfonsina, Alfonsine,
Alfonsyna, Alfonsyne, Alonza, Alonzah 
Alfreda Old counsellor, Wise judge. A
feminine form of Alfred.
Alfredah, Alfredia, Alfrena, Alfrene,
Alfrida, Alfridah,A lfryda, Alfrydah, Elfrid, Elfrida, Eldridah,
Elfridia, Elfried, Elfrieda, Elfrina, Elfrine, Freda, Fredah, Fredda,
Freddah, Freida, Freidah
Old English
Algoma Valley of flowers Algom, Algomah, Algome Native American 
Aliah Exalted, noble, highest social
Alice  Truthful; noble Addala, Adelice, Adelicia, Ailis,
Aleece, Aleese, Aletta, Alicia, Aliceie, Aliciedik, Alicija, Alicija,
Aliedik, Alina, Aline, Aletta, Alisa, Alisan, Alisen, Alisha, Alisin,
Alison, Alisun, Alisyn, Alissa, Alisyn, Allisan, Allisen, Allisin,
Allison, Allisun, Allisyn, Allyce, Allyse, Alyssa, Aliza, Alodia, Alse,
Alyce, Alys, Alyse, Elice, Elise, Elisan, Elisen, Elisin, Elison,
Elisun, Elisyn, Elsje, Ilyssa
Greek/Old Germanic 
Alicia Truthful Aleacia, Aleaciah, Aleasha,  Alecia, Aleecia,
Aleeciah, Aleesha, Aleicia, Aleiciah, Aleiciah, Aleisha, Aleisia, Aleisiah, Aleisya,
Aleisyah, Aleighcia, Aleighciah, Aleighsia, Aleighsiah, Aleighsya,
Aleighsyah, Alesha, Aliesha, Alisha, Alishah, Alishia, Alycia, Alyciah, Alycya, Alycyah, Alysia, Alysiah, Alysya,
Alysyah, Alysha, Alyshah, Alyshia, Alyssha, Elicia, Elisha
Alida Beautifully dressed.  Little
Adelita, Adelim, Aleda, Aledah, Aleta,
Aletah, Aletta, Alettah, Alette, Alidah, Alidia, Alidiah, Alita,
Alitah, Alleda, Alledah, Allida, Allidah, Allita, Allitah, Allitta,
Allittah, Allyta, Allytah, Alyta, Alytah, Leda, Ledah, Lita, Litah,
Litta, Lyta, Lytah, Lytta, Lyttah
Alika Beautiful one who outshines all
others.  Truth
Alikah, Aliqua, Aliquah, Alique,
Alyka, Alykah, Alyqua, Alyquah, Alyque
Alima Dancer; musician; mermaid Alimah, Alyma, Alymah Arabic 
Alina Bright; beautiful.  Harmonious;
fair-haired; Moon
Aleana, Aleanah, Aleen, Aleena,
Aleenah, Aleina, Aleinah, Aleyna, Aleynah, Alinah, Alinda, Alindah,
Aline, Alyna, Alynah, Alynda, Alyndah, Alyne
Slavic; Celtic; Australian Aboriginal 
Alinga Sun Alingah, Alynga, Alyngah Australian Aboriginal 
Alinta Wise
Alisa Joy Alisah, Alissa, Alissah, Alysa,
Alysah, Alyssa, Alyssah, Allisa, Allissah, Allysa, Allysah, Allyssa,
Alison Of noble birth; Alice’s son; son
of the little truthful one; Famous among the gods; faithful; weaver
AYL-ih-sun Aleason, Aleeson, Aleison, Aleighson,
Alisan, Alisana, Alisanah, Alisen, Alisena, Alisenah, Alisin, Alisina,
Alisinah, Alissa, Alissah, Alisson, Alissun,Alissyn, Alisun, Alisyn,
Alisyna, Alisynah, Alisyne, Allisa, Allisah, Allisan, Allisanah,
Allisen, Allisena, Allisenah, Allisin, Allisina, Allisinah, Allisine, Allison, Allisona, Allisonah, Allisone, Alliss, Allissa,
Allisah, Allisun, Allisuna, Allisyn, Allysna, Allysyne, Alson, Alsona,
Alsonah, Alsone, Alysan, Alysen, Alysena, Alysenah, Alysene, Alysin,
Alysina, Alysinah, Alysine, Alyson, Alysonah, Alysone, Alysyn,
Alysyna,m Alysynah, Alysyne, Alyssa, Alyssah, Alysse, Alysun, Alysyn,
Alyzan, Alyzana, Alyzane, Alyzen, Alyzena, Alyzene, Alyzin, Alyzina,
Alyzine, Alyzyn, Alyzyn, Alyzyna, Alyzyne
Irish/Gaelic; German
Alix Noble AYL-iks Teutonic
Aliya Rising Aliyah Hebrew
Aliza Joy, Holy and sacred to God. A form
of Eliza.
Aleaza, Aleazah, Aleeza, Aleezah,
Aleiza, Aleizah, Aleyza, Aleyzah, Alitza, Alitzah, Alisa, Alisah,
Aliza, Alizah, Alyza, Alyzah
Alize One who charms
Alkina Moon Alkinah, Alkine, Alkyn, Alkyna,
Australian Aboriginal
Alkira Sent from the heaven / sky. Alkirra, Alkirah, Alkirrah Australian Aboriginal
Allegra Cheerful, Lively, Sprightly. Allegrah Latin, Italian
Allira The Quartz stone. Allirah, Allyra, Allyrah Australian Aboriginal
Allona Strong as an oak. Hebrew
Allonah Handsome; harmony; happy; peaceful. A
feminine form of Alain/Alan.
Alona, Alonah, Allona Hawaiian
Ally Little truthful one. The short form
of names starting with ‘Al’ such as Allison.
Alea, Aleah, Alee, Alei, Aleigh, Aley,
Ali, Alia, Aliah, Alie, Allea, Alleah, Allee, Allei, Alleigh, Alley,
Alli, Allia, Alliah, Allya, Allyah, Aly, Alya, Alyah
Alma Learned; Nourishing, supportive.;
Spirit; Young woman.
Almah, Almar, Almara, Almarah,
Almaria, Almariah, Almarya, Almaryah
Arabic; Latin; Spanish, Italian;
Almeda Goal-oriented Almedah, Almeta, Almetah, Almetta,
Almedha Shapely Almeda, Almedah, Almida, Almidah,
Almyda, Almtdah, Enid, Enyd
Almeta Ambitious Almeda, Almedah, Almetah, Almetta,
Almira Princess.; Noble, famous. Teh
feminine form of Elmer.
Allmera, Allmerah, Allmira, Allmirah,
Allyra, Allysha, Almera, Almerah, Almeria, Almeriah, Almirah, Almina,
Almine, Almyra, Almyrah, Elmera, Elmerah, Elmira, Elmirah, Elmyra,
Arabic; English
Almita Kindness Almitah, Almyta, Almytah Latin
Alnaba Wars fought at the same time. Alnabah Native American
Alodie Wealthy Alodea, Alodee, Alodey,A lodi, Alodia,
Alodiah, Aloldy, Alodya, Alodyah
Old English
Aloha Greetings, Farewell. Alohah, Alohalanee, Alohalaney,
Alohalani, Alohalania, Alohalaniah, Alohalanie, Alohalany, Alohilani,
Alohilania, Alohilaniah, Alohilany, Alohilanya, Alohilanyah
Alona Solitary angel; Dear child; Light Alonah, Alonna, Alonnah, Halona
(Native American), Halonah, Halonna, Halonnah
Australian, English, Latin; Irish;
Aloysia Famous in war. ah-LOY-shuh Aloisia, aloysiah, Aloyza (Polish),
Alpha First born. Alfa, Alfah, Alfia, Alfiah, Alfya,
Alfyah, Alphah, Alphia, Alphiah
Alta Magestic, High. Altah, Altai, Alto Latin
Altair Bird Altaira, Altaire Arabic
Althea Healer, Healthy. Altheah, Altheda, Althedah, Althia,
Althiah, Althya, Althyah 
Altsoba War Altsobah Native American
Alula First born. Alulah Arabic
Alura Divine counsellor. Alurah Old English
Alva Fair complexion Alvah  Spanish/Latin 
Alvera Truthful Alverah, Alveria, Alveriah, Alveryah,
Alveryah, Alvira, Alvirah, Alvyra, Alvyrah, Elvera, Elverah, Elvira,
Elvirah, Elvyra, Elvyrah
Alvina Beloved, wise friend to all. The
feminine form of Alvin.
Alveana, Alveanah, Alveane, Alveena,
Alveenah, Alveene, Alvena, Alvenah, Alvinah, Alvine, Alvyna, Alvynah,
Alvyne, Elveana, Elveanah, Elvena, Elvenah, Elvina, Elvinah, Elvine,
Elvyna, Elvynah
Old English
Alyssa  Sensible, Rational. Alisa, Alissah, Allissa, Allissah,
Allyssa, Allyssah, Alysa, Alysah, Alyssah, Alysun, Alysumm, Ilisa,
Ilisah, Ilysa, Ilysah, Illissa, Illissah, Illyssa, Illysah, Lisa,
Lisah, Lissa, Lissah, Lysa, Lysah, Lyssa, Lyssah
Alyssum Yellow flower. Greek
Alzena The woman. Alsenah, Alsena, Alxena, Alxenah,
Alxina, Alxinah, Alxyna, Alxynah, Alzenah, Alzina, Alzinah, Alzyna,
Arabic, Persian
Am Female, Lunar. Vietnamese 
Ama Born on a Saturday Amah African, French
Amabel Lovable Amabela, Amabelah, Amabell, Amabella,
Amabellah, Amabelle
Amada Beloved Amadea, Amadeah, Amadee, Amadey,
Amadi, Amadia, Amadiah, Amadie, Amadita, Amadite, Amady, Amadya,
Amadaliza Beloved Spanish, Latin
Amadea One who loves God. Amadeah, Amadee, Amadey, Amadi,
Amadia, Amadiah, Amadie, Amady, Amadya, Amadyah
Amal Hope; Industrious. Amala, Amalah, Amalla, Amallah Arabic; Hebrew
Amalea Industrious meadow. Amaleah, Amalee, Amalei, Amaleigh,
Amaley, Amali, Amalia, Amaliah, Amalie, Amaly, Amalya, Amalyah
Hebrew, English
Amaline Industrious Amalean, Amaleana, Amaleane, Amaleen,
Amaleena, Amaleene, Amalin, Amalina, Amalyn, Amalyna, Amalyne
Amalthea God nourishes her. Amalthia, Amalthiah, Amalthya,
Amanaki Hope Amaakee, Amanakey, Amanakie, Amanaky Tongan
Amanda Worthy of love  Amandah, Amamde, Amandea,
Amandee, Amandey, Amandi, Amandia, Amandiah, Amandie, Amandina,
Amandinah, Amandine, Amandy, Amandya, Amandyah, Amaranth, Amarantha,
Amaranthe, Amata, Manda, Mandah, Mandea, Mandee, Mandey, Mandi, Mandie,
Amal Hopes, Aspirations. Arabic
Amalea Industrious meadow. Amaleah, Amalee, Amalei, Amaleigh,
Amaley, Amali, Amalia, Amaliah, Amalie, Amaly, Amalya, Amalyah
Hebrew, English
Amali Hope Amarli Swahili
Amalia Latinized form of the Germanic name Amal,
a short form of names beginning with the element amal meaning
Amarlia, Amarliah, Amaliah, Amalea,
German, Dutch, English, Finnish
Amara Eternal beauty; Steadfast, Immortal. ah-MAHR-ah Amarah, Amargo, Amari, Amaria,
Amariah, Amarie, Amary, Amarya, Amaryah
Greek; German
Amarina Rain Amarin, Amarinah, Amarine, Amaryn,
Amarytna, Amarynah, Amaryne
Australian Aboriginal
Amarinda Long-lived. Amara, Amargo, Amarindah, Amarynda,
Amaris Promise of God, Given by God; Child
of the moon, Astrological name for Cancer.
Amariah, Amariah, Amarisa, Amarisah,
Amariss, Amarissa, Amarissah, Amarys, Amarysa, Amarysah,A maryss,
Amaryssa, Amaryssah
Hebrew; Spanish
Amaryllis Fresh stream. Amaryl, Amaryla, Amarylah, Amarylis,
Amarylla, Amaryllah
Amaya Night rain. Amaia, Amaiah, Amayah Japanese
Amayeta Berry Amayetah Native American
Ambel Lovable Amabel, Amabela, amabelah, Amabele,
Amabell, Amabella, Amabellah, amabelle, amebela, Amebelah, Amebele,
Amebell, Amebella, Amebellah, Amebelle, Amibel, Amibela, Amibelah,
Amilbele, Amibell, Amibella, Amibellah, Amibelle, Amybel, Amybell,
Amybella, Amybella, Amybelle
Amber Light. The amber jewel. Jewel. Fiery Ambar, Ambarlea, Ambarlee, Ambarlei,
Ambarleigh, Ambarley, Ambarli, Ambarlina, Ambarline, Ambarlie, Ambarly,
Amberlea, Amberlee, Amberlei, Amberleigh, Amberley, Amberli, Amberlia,
Amberliah, Amberlie, Amberlina, Amberline, Amberly, Amberlyah, Ambra, Ambur,
Amburlea, Amburlee, Amberlei, Amburleigh, Amburley, Amburli, Amburlia,
Amburliah, Amburlie, Amburlina, Amburline, Amburly, Amburlya, Ambyr 
Egyptian; Old French; Arabian; Gaelic
Ambrielle Perfect jewell. Ambriel, Ambriella Celtic
Ambrosia Divine immortal. A feminine form of
Ambrse, Ambrosah, Ambrosia (Greek),
Ambrosiah, Ambrosina, Ambrosine (French), Ambrosyn, Ambrosya,
Ambrosyne, Ambroyze (Polish), Ambrozin, Ambrozina, Ambrozinah,
Ambrozine, Ambrozyn, Ambrozyna, Ambrozyne
Polish, Greek
Ameeka Ameka
Amelia Work of the Lord. Hard working. Amala, Amalah, Amalburga, Amalea,
Amaleah, Amalee, Amaleigh, Amaleta, Amalia, Amali, Amalie, Amalita,
Amalitah, Amelie, Amelija, Amelina, Amelinda, Amelindah, Ameline,
Amelita, Amelitah, Amelynda, Amelyndah, Amilia, Amiliah, Amilina,
Amiline, Amilinda, Amiline, Amilita, Amilitah, Ammilina, Ammileine,
Amylia, Amyliah, Amylaya, Amylyah, Emelin, Emelina, Emeline, Emelita,
Emelitah, Emmelina, Emmeline, Emmilyn, Emmilyna, Emmilyne 
Amelinda Beautiful beloved. Amalinda, Amalindah, Amalynda,
Amalyndah, Ammalyn, Amalynn, Amalynne, Amelindah, Amelind, Amelynda,
Amelyndah, Amerlinda, Amerlindah, Amerlynda, Amerlyndah, Amerlyn,
Amerlynn, Amerlynne, Amilindah, Amilindah, Amilynda, Amilyndah, Amilyn,
Amilynn, Amilynna, Amilynne
Latin, Spanish
Amelithe Kind, loving and hardworking. Amelit, Amerlith, Amelite, Amelitte,
America Freedom, Geographical – the country. Amarica, Amaricah, Amaricka, Amarika,
Amarikah, Amelika (Tongan), Americah, Americka, Amerika, Amerikah,
Ameriqua, Ameriquah, Amerique, Ameryca, Amerycah, Americka, Americkah,
Ameryka, Amerykah, Ameryqua, Ameryquah, Ameryque
Amethyst Beneficent, Wine, Purple-coloured
Amathist, Amathista, Amathiste,
Amathista, Amathysta, Amathyste, Amathistia, Amethist, Amethista,
Amethiste, Amethistia, Amethysta, Amethyste, Amethystia, Amethystiah,
Amethystya, Amethystyah
Amice Beloved Amata, Amatah, Amica, amicah, Amiciam,
Amiciah, Amisa, Amisah, Amise, Amisia, Amisiah, Amyca, Amycah, Amysa,
Amysah, Amysia, Amysiah, Amysya, Amysyah
Aminah Trustworthy, Faithful Arabic
Aminta Protector Amintah, Aminte, Amintee, Amintey,
Aminti, Amintie, Aminty, Amynta, Amyntah, Amynti, Amyntie, Amynthy,
Minta, Mintah, Mynta, Myntee, Myntey, Mynti, Myntie, Mynty
Amipa Amber stone. Amipah Tongan
Amira Princess Amirah, Amyra, Amyrah Arabic
Amita Truthful Ameeta, Ameetah, Amitah, Amyta,
Amitola Rainbow Amitolah Native American
Amity Friendly Amitee, Amitey, Amiti, Amitie, Amity,
Amytee, Amytey, Amyti, Amytie, Amyty
Amlike Mother Amilkah, Amylka, Amylkah Hindi
Ammu Beloved aunt. Amu Arabic
Amorel Dweller by the sea. Amorela, Amorelah, Amorell, Amorella,
Amorellah, Amorelle
Amorette  Beloved Amoreta, Amoretah, Amorete, Amoretta,
Amorettah, Amorette, Amorit, Amorita, Amoritah, Amoritt, Amoritta, Amoritte,
Amoryta, Amorytah, Amoryte, Amorytt, Amorytta, Amorytte
Amorina Love    
Amrita Little love. Amritah, Amritta, Amritte, Amryta,
Amrytah, Amryte, Amrytta, Amryttah, Amrytte
Amy Beloved friend. To love. Aime, Aimee, Aimey, Aimi, Aimia,
Aimiah, Aimie, Aimy, Aimya, Aimyah, Amata, Amatah, Ame, Amee, Amei,
Amey, Ami, Amia, Amiah, Amie, Amice, Amie, Amii, Amina, Aminah, Amine,
Amity, Amorett, Amoretta, Amorette, Amorita, Amoritta, Amorittah,
Amoritta, Amoritte, Amoryt, Amoryta, Amorytah, Amoryte, Amorytt,
Amorytta, Amoryttah, Amorytte 
An Peaceful Ann Chinese
Ana God is gracious. A form of Hannah. Anah, Anci (Hungarian), Anezka
(Czech), Ania (Polish), Aniah, Annaka, Annalie (Finnish), Anneka
(Swedish), Annika, Anniki, Annikki
Hawaiian, Spanish, Hebrew
Anaba She has returned from battle,
Anabah Native American
Anais Graceful Anaiss, Anays, Anayss Hebrew 
Anala Fine Analah Hindi
Anamosa Baby deer, White in colour. Anamosah Sauk
Ananda Bliss, Joy. Anandah Hindi
Ananke Necessity Anank Greek
Ananya Nanosecond, Matchless Hindi
Anastasia Resurrection; springtime Anastacia, Anastiaciah, Anastacya,
Anastacyah, Anastas, Anastase, Anastasee, Anastasie, Anastatia,
Anestasia, Anastassia, Anastazia, Anastziah, Anastazya, Annestas,
Annestasia, Annestassia, Anstace, Ansteece, Ansteese, Anstes, Anstey,
Anstice, Anstice, Anstis 
Anatolia Eastern Anatola, Anatolah, Anatoliah,
Anatolya, Anatolyah, Annatola, Annatolah, Annatolia, Annatoliah,
Annatolya, Annatolyah
Ancelin Land, The knight’s spear attendant. A
feminine form of Lancelot.
Ancelina, Ancelinah, Anceline,
Ancelyn, Ancelyna, Ancelynah, Ancelyne
Anchoret Beloved Anchorett, Anchoreta, Anchorette Welsh
Ancilla Attendant Ancillah, Ancilee (French), Ancillee,
Ancillia, Ancilliah, Ancyla, Ancylah, Ancylla, Ancyllah
Andra A breath Andrah Old Norse 
Andrea Womanly, Virile, Force, Courage. AN-dree-ah Greek
Andria Strong; Brave; Courageous.
The feminine form of Andrew.
Aindrea (Irish), Anderea, Andra,
Andrah, Andreana, Andreanah, Andreane, Andreann, Andreanna, Andreannah,
Andreanne, Andree (French), Andreean, Andreeana, Andreeanah, Andreeane,
Andrel, Andrela, Andrelah, Andrell, Andrella, Andrellah, Andrelle,
Andretta, Andrette, Andria, Andriah, Andrian, Andriana,  Andriann, Andrianna,
Andriannah, Andrianne, Andrina, Adrinah, Andrya, Andryah, Andryan,
Andryana, Andryanah, Andryanem Abdryann, Andryanna, Andryannah,
Andryanne, Andryane, Andrena
Latin, Greek
Aneira Honourable, Gold. Aneirah, Aneyra, Aneyrah Welsh
Aneko Oldest sister. Japanese
Anela Angel Anelah, Anella, Anellah Hebrew
Anemone Wind, Flower. Annemone Greek
Anga Nature, Shark. Angah Tongan
Angela  Messenger of God; Angel; Angelic;
The short form of Angela/Angelique
Agnola, Aindrea (Irish), Ancela
(Polish), Angel, Angele (French), Angelica (German), Angelika
(German), Angelin, Angelina (English), Angelinah, Angeline, Angeliqua,
Angeliquah, Angelique (French), Angella, Angellah, Angelle, Angelita
(Swedish), Angiola (Italian), Angelo (Tongan), Aniela (Italian /
Polish), Anja, Anjah, Anjal, Anjala, Anjalah, Anjel, Anjela, Anjelah,
Anjella, Anjelle, Engel, Engela, Engelah, Enjele, Engelchen, Engelica,
Engelika, Engell, Engella, Engellah, Engelle, Engelyca, Engelycka,
Engelyka, Engeliqua, Engeliquah, Engelique, Enjel, Enjela, Enjelah,
Enjele, Enjell, Enjella, Enjellah, Enjelle, Enjelliqua, Enjelliquah,
Enjellique, Enjellyca, Enjellycah, Enjellycka, Enjellyka, Enjellyqua,
Enjellyquah, Enjellyque
Angelo Angel Anjelo, Engelo, Enjelo Tongan
Angeni Spirit Ange, Angee, Angeenee, Angeeni,
Angeenie, Angeeny, Angenia, Angey, Anjee, Anjeenee, Anjeeney, Anjeeni,
Anjeenie, Anjeeny, Anjeenia, Anjeeniah, Anjeenie, Anjeeny, Anjeenya,
Anjeenyah, Anjena, Anjenah, Anjenee, Anjeney, Anjeni, Anjenie, Anjeny
Native American
Angharad Well-loved Anchoret, Anchorett, Anchoretta,
Anchorette, Ancret, Ancreta, Ancrett, Ancretta, Ankerita, Ingaret,
Ingarett, Ingaretta, Ingarette
Angie Angelic. A short form of Angela. See above Greek
Anh Flower Vietnamese
Ani Beautiful Anee, Aney, Aneya, Aneyah, Ania,
Aniah, Anie, Any, Anya, Ayah
Ania God is gracious. A form of Hannah. Ana, Anah, Aniah, anya, Anyah Polish, Hebrew
Aniela Graceful. A form of Anna. Anielah, Aniella, Anielle, Anniela,
Annielah, Anniella, Anielle, Ayel, Anyela, Anyele, Anyell, Anyella,
Anyellah, Anyelle
Anika Graceful. A form of Ann. Also see
Anica, Anicah, Anikah, Aniqua,
Aniquah, Anyca, Anycah, Anyka, Anykah, Anyqua, Anyquah 
Scandinavian/Swedish Hebrew 
Anila God of the wind. Anilah, Anilla, Anillah, Anyla,
Anylah, Anylla, Anyllah
Anisah Friendly Anisa, Anisah, Annisa, Annisah,
Annissa, Annissah, Annysa, Annysah, Anysa, Anysah, Anyssa, Anyssah
Anita Graceful Anitta, Anittah, Anitte, Annita,
Annitah, Annite, Annitt, Annitta, Annittah, Annitte, Annyta, Annytah,
Annytta, Annyttah, Annytte 
Aniyah Messenger sent from God; Grace. A
form of Anna; Princess.
Aniya, Ania Hebrew; Polish, Slavic, Russian,
Anja Graceful. A form of Ann. Ania, Aniah, Anjah, Anya, Anyah Russian
Ann Gracious. A short form of names
starting with “Ann”.
Anne Hebrew 
Anna Gracious. A short form of names
starting with “Anna”.
Ana (Spanish), Anah, Anais, Anaisa,
Anca (Bohemian), Ane, Anee, Aney, Aneta, Ani, Ania, Aniah, Anica,
Anita (Spanish), Anitra, Anje (Dutch), Anjuska (Russian), Anka, Annah,
Annali (Swiss), Annchet, Annchetta, Anne, Annee, Annechet, Anney,
Anneke (Dutch), Annerl (Bavarian), Anetta, Annette (French), Annica
(Italian), Annice (English), Annichet, Anje (Dutch), Anni, Annia,
Anniah, Annie, Annika (Russian, Swedish, Lithuanian), Annike, Annis,
Anno, Annusia (Russian), Annora, Annore, Annot, Annusche (Lettish),
Annucschka (Russian), Anny, Annya, Annyah, Annze (Lithuanian), Ansel,
Antje, Anyanusia (Polish, Greek), Anuska, Anya, Hana, Hanah, Hanna,
Hannah, Hanni, Hannie, Hanny, Ineka, Naatje, Nan, Nana, Nona, Nonah,
ONa, Onah, Panna, Pannah, Panni, Pannie, Panny, Vanjuscha, Vanka,
Vanni, Vannie, Vanny
Hebrew, English, German, Italian,
Dutch, Danish, Swedish 
Annabel Graceful, Lovable; Graceful,
Beautiful woman.
Anabel, Anabela, Anabelah, Anabele,
Annabel, Annabell, Anna-Bell, Annabella, Anna-Bella, Annabellah, Anna-Bellah,
Annahbel, Annah-Bel, Annahbell, Annah-Bell, Annahbella, Annah-Bella,
Annahbelle, Annah-Belle, Annebel, Annebela, Annebelah, Annebele,
Annebell, Annebella, Annebellah, Annebelle, Annibel, Annibela,
Annibelah, Annibele, Annibell, Annibella, Annibellah, Annibelle,
Annybel, Annybela, Annybelah, Annybele, Annybell, Annybella,
Annybellah, Annybelle
Latin, French; Hebrew, Latin
Annabella Graceful, lovable.; Graceful,
beautiful woman.
Anabel, Anabela, Anabelah, Anabele,
Annabel, Annabell, Anna-Bell, Annabella, Anna-Bella, Annabellah, Anna-Bellah,
Annahbel, Annah-Bel, Annahbell, Annah-Bell, Annahbella, Annah-Bella,
Annahbelle, Annah-Belle, Annebel, Annebela, Annebelah, Annebele,
Annebell, Annebella, Annebellah, Annebelle, Annibel, Annibela,
Annibelah, Annibele, Annibell, Annibella, Annibellah, Annibelle,
Annybel, Annybela, Annybelah, Annybele, Annybell, Annybella,
Annybellah, Anybelle
Latin, French; Hebrew, Latin
Anne Gracious Ann Hebrew 
Anneka Graceful. The Dutch/Swedish form of
Annekah, Annika, Anika, Anneke, Aneka Hebrew
Anneke Little Ann. Hebrew 
Annelise Graceful satisfaction; Devoted to
Analisa, Analise, Analiese, Aneliese,
Anetta, Annalisa, Annaliese, Annalise, Annalyce, Annalyca, Annalys, Annalysa, Annalyse,
Anneliese (German), Anneliesel, Annelys, Annelysa, Annelyse 
Greek; Hebrew
Annaliese A combination of Anne “favour /
grace” and Lisa meaning “God is my oath  / sacred to
Anneliese German
Annelouisa Gracious Italian
Annemieke Annemieka Dutch
Annette Little graceful one.  A form of
Anet, Aneta, Anetah, Anete, Anetra,
Anetrah, Anett, Anetta, Anett, Anetta, Anette, Annet, Annetta, Annettah
Annie Form of Anne
Annina Graceful Anina, Aninah, Anninah, Annyna,
Annynah, Anyna, Anynah 
Annique A form of Anne, gracious. French
Annis Complete Anis, Anys, Annys Greek
Annisa Graceful, Grace, Favour. Anisa, Anisah, Anise, Annis, Annise,
Anniss, Annissa, Annissse, Anyssa, Anyssah
Annmarie Graceful, Wished-for child. Annemarie, Ann-Marie, Anne-Marie Hebrew
Annona Shining light; Honour. The old
English form of Eleanor / Helen.
Anora, Anorah, Anoria, Anoriah,
Annorah, Annoria, Annoriah, Annorya, Annoryah, Anorya, Anoryah
Greek; Latin
Anona Annual crops, Ninth-born child;
Anonah Latin, English
Anselma Warrior possessing divine protection.
The feminine form of Anselm.
Anselmah, Anzelma, Anzelmah, Selma,
Selmah, Xelma, Xelmah, Zelma, Zelmah
Old Norse
Anthea Flowerlike Anthe, Antheah, Anthia, Anthiah,
Anthya, Anthyah
Antisha Calm, Nice Antishah, Anticha, Antichah, Anntisha,
Croation, Russian
Antje Grace AHNT-yah German
Antoinette Priceless gift. A feminine form of
Antoinnette, Antonee, Antoney, Antonett, Antonetta,
Antonette, Antoni, Antonia, Antoniah, Antonias, Antonica, Antonicah,
Antonie, Antonietta, Antoninas, Antonnia, Antonniah, Antonya, Antonyah,
Toinetta, Toinette, Toynetta, Toynette, Tuanetta, Tueanette
Antonella Priceless gift. A feminine form of
Antonia Priceless gift. A feminine form of
Anu Irish goddess, mother goddess of the
early settlers of Ireland; Us, we; Mum; Mercy
Irish; Hebrew; Hungarian; Yoruba
Anushka Gracious and well mannered, A term of
endearment, She who has friends and no enemies, A form of Anne,
gracious; Lightning.
Anoushka, Annushka Hebrew, Russian; Sanskrit
Anya Graceful. The Russian form of Anna Anyah Hebrew 
Anzu Apricot Japanese 
Aolani Heavenly cloud. Aolanee, Aolaney, Aolania, Aolaniah,
Aolanie, Aolany, Aolanya, Aolanyah
Apanie Water Apanee, Apaney, Apani, Apany Australian Aboriginal
Apex summit English
Aphra Female deer, Doe, Dust. Afra, Afrah, Aphrah, Ayfara, Ayfarah Hebrew
Aphrodite Goddess of love.  Afrodita, Afrodite, Aphrodita,
Aphrodyta, Aphrodytah, Aphrodyte
Apolda Sunlight Apoldah Greek
Apoline Sunlight Apollina, Apollinah, Apolline,
Apollyn, Apollyna, Apollynah, Apollyne, Appolina, Appolinah, Appoline,
Appollina, Appollinah, Appolline, Appollyn, Appollyna, Appollynah,
Aponi Butterfly Aponee, Apoiney, Aponie, Apony Native American
Apple Divine fruit. English, American
Appollonia Sunlight Abbelina, Abbelinah, Abbeline,
Abeloona, Apolda, Apoldah, Apolinarya, Apoline, Apollonia, Apolloniah,
Appolina, Appolinah, Appoline, Apolonia, Apoloniah, Apolonie,
Appollonia, Appolloniah, Appollonya, Appollonyah
Apria From the apricot.   Latin
April Born in the month of April. Spring Aprel, Aprela, Aprelah, Aprella,
Aprelle, Aprila, Aprilah, Aprilett, Apriletta, Aprilette, Aprill,
Aprilla, Aprillah, Aprille, Apryl, Apryla, Aprylah, Apryll, Aprylla,
Aprylle, Avril, Avrilett, Avriletta, Avrilette, Avryl, Avryla, Avrylah,
Avryle, Avryll, Avrylla, Avryllah, Avrylle, Avryleett, Avryletta,
Avryllettah, Avryllette 
Aprilia A town in Italy near Rome. A
motorbike brand.
Pril Italian
Aquan Water-loving, Bubbly, Mysterious. Aqua, Equan, Euquan English, American
Aquene Peace Aqueen, Aqueena, Aqueene, Aquene Native American
Ara Rainmaker; Alter, the Greek goddess
of vengence and destruction.
Arae, Arah, Aria, Ariah, Arya, Aryah Arabic
Arabella Asked for. Beautiful altar; Eagle
Arabe, Arabel, Arabela (Spanish),
Arabelah, Arabell, Arabellah, Arabelle (French, German), Araminta,
Latin; German
Araceli Alter of the sky; Forceful, Strong
Aracely, Aracelli Spanish, Filipino
Arachne Spider Greek
Aram An armful. Korean
Arctic From the Arctic Arctica, Arcticah, Arcticka, Artickah,
Artika, Artikah, Artyca, Artycah, Artycka, Artyckah, Artyka, Artykah
Ardeen Glowing Ardeana, Ardeanah, Ardeane, Ardeena,
Ardeenah, Ardeene, Ardina, Ardinah, Ardine, Ardyn, Ardyna, Ardynah,
Ardelia Glowing Ardeliah Latin
Ardella Ardent, Warm, Enthusiastic, Desired. Adra, Adrah, Ardeen, Ardeena, Ardeene,
Ardel, Ardela, Ardelah, Ardele, Ardelia, Ardeliah, Ardell, Ardella,
Ardellah, Ardelis, Ardelisa, Ardelise, Ardena, Ardenah, Ardene, Ardin,
Ardine, Ardinah, Ardine, Ardis
Arden From the valley of eagles. Ardan, Ardana, Ardane, Ardeen,
Ardeena, Ardeene, Ardea, Ardene, Ardin, Ardina, Ardine, Ardun,A rdyn,
Ardyna, Ardyne
Old English
Ardis Eager Adisa, Adisah, Ardiss, Ardissa,
Ardisse, Ardyssa, Ardyssah
Ardith Field of flowers. Ardath, Ardis, Ardisa, Ardise, Ardiss,
Ardissa, Ardisse, Ardyce, Ardys, Ardysa, Ardyse, Ardyth, Ardythe,
Aridatha, arydatha
Arella Angel, Messenger of God. Arela, Arealah,A rellah, Ariel,
Ariela, Arielah, Ariella, Ariellah, Arielle, Arien, Ariena, Arienah,
Ariene, Arienna, Arienne
Aretha The best. Areata, Areatah, Areatha, Areathah,
Areathia, Areathiah, Areeta, Areetah, Areetha, Areethah, Areethia,
Areethiah, Areta, Aretah, Arethia, Arethiah, Aretta, Arettah, Arette,
Aritha, Arithah, Arytha, Arythah, Arythia, Arythiah, Arythya, Arythyah,
Retha, Rethah
Arethus Virtuous ruler. Arethea, Aretheah, Arethia, Arethiah,
Arethious, Aretius, Arethyus
Argenta Silver Argentah, Argentia, Argentiah,
Argentina, Argentinah, Argentine, Argentya, Argentyah, Argentyn,A
rgentyna, Argentynah, Argentyne
Argyro Silver Argiro Greek
Aria Melody  Ari, Ariah, Ariann, Arianna,
Ariannah, Arianne, Arya, Aryah, Aryan, Aryana, Aryanah, Aryane, Aryann,
Aryanna, Aryannah, Aryanne
Ariana Holy Ariadna, Ariadnah, Ariadne, Arianah,
Arianna, Ariannah, Ariane, Arianne, Arihana, Arihanah, Arihanna,
Arihannah, Aryan, Aryana, Aryanah, Aryane, Aryann, Aryanna, Aryannah,
Ariadne Holy Adriadna, Ariadnah, Ariadne, Ariana,
Arianah, Ariane, Arianna, Ariannah,A rianne, Aryadna, Aryana,
Aryanah,A ryane, Aryann, Aryanna, Aryannah, Aryanne
Ariana Holy Arianah, Arianna, Ariannah, Ariane,
Arianne, Arihana, Arihanah, Arihanna, Arihannah,A ryan, Aryana,
Aryanah,A ryane, Aryann, Aryanna, Aryannah, Aryanne
Arianne Enchanted Ariane, Arien Latin 
Arianwen Silver, White; White friend. Arianwena, Arianwenah,A rianwin,
Arianwina, Arianwinah, Arianwyn, Arianwyna, Arianwynah, Aryanwen,
Aryanwena, Aryanwenah, Aryanwin, Aryanwina, Aryanwinah, Aryanwyn,
Aryanwynam, Aryanwynah
Welsh; English
Arica Ruler. A form of Erica. Aricah, Aricca, Ariccah, Aricka,
Arika, Arikah, Arikka, Arikkah, Ariqua, Ariquah
Aricia Princess of Athens. Ariciah, Arycia, Aryciah, Arycya,
Ariel Lioness of God. Aeriel, Aeriela, Aerielah, Aeriell,
Aeriella, Aerielle, Ariela, Arielah, Ariell, Arielle, Ariella,
Ariellah, Arielle, Aryel, Aryela, Aryelah, Aryele, Aryell, Aryella,
Aryellah, Aryelle 
Arien Enchanted   Latin 
Arietta Melody Ariet, Arieta, Arietah, Ariete,
Ariett, Ariettah, Ariette, Aryet, Aryeta, Aryetah, Aryete, Aryett,
Aryetta, Aryettah, Aryette 
Arika Waterlily Australian Aboriginal 
Arleana Promise. A feminine form of Arlen. Arlana, Arlanah, Arlea, Arleah,
Arlee, Arleen, Arleena, Arleene, Arlein, Arleina, Arleine, Arleigh,
Arlena, Arlenah, Arlene, Arleta, Arletah, Arleyne, Arlien, Arliena,
Arlienah, Arliene, Arlin, Arlina, Arlinah, Arlind, Arlinda, Arlindah,
Arline, Arluena, Arluenah, Arluene, Arlyn, Arlynna, Arlynne
Irish, Gaelic
Armida Little armed warrior. Armidah, Armyda, Armydah Latin
Armide Sorceeress Armidea, Armidee, Armidia, Armidiah,
Armydea, Armydee, Armydia, Armydiah, Armydya, Armydyah
Armilla Warrior who wears a bracelet in
Armila, Armilah, Armillah, Armyla,
Armylah, Armylla, Armyllah
Armina Warrior Armeda, Armedah, Armedia, Armediah,
Armida, Armidah, Armidia, Armidiah, Armin, Armina, Arminah, Arminda,
Armindah, Armine, Armini, Arminie, Armyn, Armyna, Armynah, Armyne
Arminda Of high degree. Armin, Armindah,a rminde, Armyn,
Armynd, Armynda, Armynde
Armine Noble warrior; High ranking;
faithful.  A feminine form of Herman.
Armina, Arminah, Arminee, Arminey,
Arminel, Arminella, Arminelle, Armyn, Armyna, Armynah, Armyne 
Teutonic; Latin; Hebrew 
Arnalda Strong, Powerful like an eagle. A
feminine form of Arnold.
Arnaldah, Arnoldah Teutonic
Arnelle Strong, Powerful like an eagle. A
feminine form of Arnold.
Arnel, Arnela, Arnelah, Arnele,
Arnella, Arnellah
Latin, French, Teutonic
Arnette Strong, Powerful like an eagle. A
feminine form of Arnold.
Arnet, Arneta, Arnett, Arnetta,
Latin, English, Teutonic
Arnhilda Eagle warrior. Arnhylda German
Arnina Enlightened singing. A feminine form
of Aaron.
Arninah, Arnine, Arnona, Arnonah,
Arninah,A rnyna, Arnynah
Arnurna Blue waterlily. Arnurnah Australian Aboriginal
Aroona Running water. Aroon, Aroonah Australian Aboriginal
Arora Cockatoo Arorah Australian Aboriginal
Arrow Arrow-like. English
Artemis The moon goddess. Artema, Artemah,a rtemisa, Artemise,
Artemisia Belonging to Artemis, the Greek
goddess of the hunt.
Artemisiah, Artemysia, Artemysiah,
Artemysya, Artemysyah
Artha Wealthy; Noble strength; Bear. A
feminine form of Arthur.
Arthah Hindi; Celtic; Welsh, Scottish
Artis Noble, Bear, Follower of Thor,
thunder; Rock
Artisa, Artise, Artina, Artinah,
Artine, Artrice, Artis, Artysa, Artyse, Artyna, Artynah, Artyne,
Artryce, Artys, Artyse
Irish; Welsh, Scottish; Icelandic;
Aruna Dawning light. Arunah Sanskrit
Arva Country pastures, The seashore. Arvah Latin
Arwen Fair, Fine; Muse ARE-wen Arwene, Arwyn Welsh; English
Asa Born in the morning; Healer. Asah Japanese; Hebrew
Aselma Fair-haired. Aselmah Gaelic
Ash Ash tree. English
Asha Truth; Life Ashah  Persian; Swahili 
Ashanti Life, Tribal name. Ashanta, Ashantah, Ashantae, Ashantee,
Ashantey, Ashantia, Ashantie, Ashauntee, Ashaunti, Ashauntia,
Ashauntiah, Ashuntie, Ashaunty, Ashauntya, Shauntyah
Asher Happy, Blessed, Kind, Gentle, Caring. Asha, Ashah, Ashar, Asherman Hebrew
Ashia Life Asha, Ashah, Ayshia, Ayshiah, Ayshya,
Arabic, Muslim
Ashira Wealthy Ashirah, Ashyra, Ashyrah Hebrew
Ashley From the ashtree meadow Ashia, Ashiah, Ashla, Ashlana,
Ashlanah, Ashlane, Ashlaney, Ashlea, Ashleah, Ashlee, Ashlei,
Ashleigh, Ashlen, Ashlena, Ashlenah, Ashlene, Ashli, Ashlia, Ashliah,
Ashlie, Ashlin, Ashlina, Ashlinah, Ashline, Ashly, Ashlya, Ashlyah
Old English
Ashling Dreamer, Visionary. Aislina, Aslinah< Aisline, Aidlinn,
Aislyn, Aislynn, Ashlin, Ashlina, Ashlinah, Ashline, Ashlyn, Ashlyna,
Ashlyn Dream, Vision. Ashlin, Ashlinn, Ashlynn, Ashlynne Gaelic, Irish
Ashton Ash tree town. Ashtin, Ashton, Ashtyn Old English
Asia Geographical – the continent. Asiah, Asya, Asyah, Esia (Tongan),
Esiah, Esya, Esyah
Asola Island Asolah, Sola, Solah Italian
Aspasia Welcomed Aspasiah, Aspasya, Aspasyah Greek
Aspen Aspen tree. Aspin, Aspina, Aspine, Aspyn, Aspyna,
Asperity Sharp-tempered. Asperitee English
Asphodel Flower Asphodela, Asphodelah, Asphodele,
Asphodell, Asphodella, Asphodellah, Asphodelle
Asta Star Astah, Astar, Astra, Astraea, Astrah,
Astar, Astrea
Aster Flower Astar, Astir, Astor, Astyr Greek
Asteria Star, Bright Asta, Astah, Astera, Asterah, Asteria,
Asteriah, Asterius, Astira, Astirah, Astor, Astra, Astrah, Astraea,
Astraeah, Astrea, Astreah, Astread, Astred, Astrid, Astyra, Astyrah,
Estere, Esther, Hester
Astghik Shining star. Astgik, Astkhik Armenian
Astra Star Astrah, Astrea, Astreah, Astree,
Astrey, Astria, Astriah, Astrya, Astryah 
Astrid Divine strength; star Astra, Astrad, Astread, Astreada,
Astreed, Astreeda, Astrod, Astrud, Astryd
Old Norse / Greek 
Astro Star Latin, English
Asuka Fragrance of tomorrow. Japanese
Ata Twilight or dawn. Ataata Tongan
Ataahua Beautiful Maori
Atalaya Guardian; Watchtower. Atalia, Ataliah,A talyah Spanish; Arabic
Atamai Knowing; Intellect. Atamae, Atamay Maori; Arabic
Atara Crown Atarah,A taria, Atariah,A tarya,
ataryah, ateara, atearah, Atera, aterah,A teret
Athalia God is praised highly. Athalea, Athaleah, Athalee, Athaley,
Athaliah, Athalya, Athalyah
Athalie The mighty Lord. Atali, Atalie, Athalea, Athaleah,
Athalee, Athalea, Athaleah,A thalei, Athaleigh, Athaley, Athali,
Athalia, Athalliah,A thaly, Athalya, Athalyah
Athanasia Immortal Athanasiah, Athanasya, athanasyah Greek
Athela Noble Athelah Teutonic
Athena Goddess of wisdom
and war.
Atheana, Atheanah, Athenah, Athene,
Athenais, Atherlea, Atherleah, Atherlee, Atherlei, Atherleigh,
Atherley, Atherli, Atherlia, Atherliah, Atherlie, Atherly, Atherlya,
Athure Bream, Freshwater fish. Athura Polynesian
Atida The future. Atidah, Atyda, Atydah Hebrew
Atira Prayer Atirah,A tyra, Atyrah Hebrew
Atlanta Swift runner, Mighty opponent. Atalanta, Atalantah, Atlantah,
Atlante, Atlantia, Atlantiah, Atlantya, Atlantyah
Auberte Noble, Industrious, Bright, Famous. A
feminine formo f Albert.
Auberta, Aubertah, Aubrita, Aubirtah,
Aubirte, Auburta, Auburtah, Auburte, Aubyrta, Aubyrtah, Aubyrte
Aubrey Reddish, Brown-haired, powerful, wise
Aubree, Aubri, Aubria, Aubriah,a
ubrie, Aubry, Aubrya, Aubryah
Old French
Aubrianne Graceful; reddish/brown haired;
powerful; wise leader
Aubrian, Aubriana, Aubrianah,
Aubriane, Aubriann, Aubrianna, Aubriannah, Aubryan, Aubryana,
Aubryanah, Aubryane, Aubryann, Aubryanna, Aubryannah, Aubryanne 
Aud Wealthy Auda, Audah Icelandic
Audrey Noble strength. Audra, Audrah, Audre, Audree, Audri,
Audria, Audriah, Audrie, Audry, Audrye, Audrea, Audree, Audrey, Audri,
Audrie, Audry, Audrya, Audryah, Etheldreda
Old English 
Audris Wealthy, Fortunate. Audrys German
Augusta Majestic, Royal, Worth of honour. The
feminine form of Augustus.
Agostina (Italian), Agostine,
Agostinha (Portuguese), Agostyna, Agostyne, August, Augustah, Auguste,
Augusteen (Irish), Augusteena, Augusteene, Augustina (Lithuanian),
Augustinah, Augustine, Austin, Augustyna (Polish), Augustyne, Awsta
Aulani Royal messenger. Aulanee, Aulaney, Aulania, Aulaniah,
Aulanie, Aulany, Aulanya, Aulanyah
Aura Distinctive air; Gentle breeze. Aurah, Aural, Aurea, Aureah, Auri,
Auria, Auriah, Aurya, Auryah
Greek; Latin
Aurelia Golden dawn, Golden. Aura, Aurah, Auralea, Auraleah,
Auralee, Auralei, Auraleigh, Auraley, Aurali, Auralia, Auraliah,
Auraly, Aurea, Aureah, Aurel, Aurela, Aurele, Aurelea, Aurel, Aurela,
Aurelah, Aureli, Aurelie (French), Aurell, Aurella, Aurellah, Aurelle,
Auria, Auriah, Auri, Aurie, Aurelie (French), Auriol (Latin), Auriola,
Auriolah, Aurioll, Auriolla, Auriollah, Auriolle, Aurnia (Irish),
Aurniah, Aurora, Aurore, Ora, Oralee, Oralia, Oralie, Orel, Orela,
Orelee, Orelia, Oreliah, Orelie, Orla, Orlah
Aurora Greek goddess of the dawn Aurorah, Aurore, Aurure, Ora, Orah  Latin 
Austine Little magestic one. The feminine
form of Austin.
Austina, Austinah, Austyna, Austynah,
Austyne, Austen, Austin, Austyn
Autumn Fall season Autom, Autum Latin 
Ava Eagle; Bird-like. AH-vah; AY-vah Arva, Arvah, Avah Greek; Latin
Ava-Kate Eagle and Purity. A combination of
Ava and Kate.
Avalon Island  Avalona, Avalonah, Avaloni,
Avalonia, Avaloniah, Avalonie, Avalony, Avalonya, Avalonyah
Avanga Bewitched Avangah Tongan
Avara The youngest child. Avarah, Avaria, Avariah,A varya,
Aveline Hazelnut Avalean, Avaleana, Avaleanah,
Avaleane, Avaleen, Avaleenah, Avaleene, Avalina, Avaline, Avalyn,
Avalyna, Avalynah, Avalyne, Avelean, Aveleana, Avelanah, Aveleane,
Aveleen, Aveleena, Aveleenah, Aveleene, Avelina, Avelyn, Avelyna,
Avelynah, Avelyne
Avena Oats Avenah, Avene Latin
Avera Transgresor, To go beyond. Averah Hebrew
Averil Boar battle. Avaril, Avarila, Avarile, Averill,
Avarilla, Avarille, Averila, Averilah, Averill, Averilla, Averille,
Averyl, Averyla, Averyle, Averyll, Averylla, Averylle
Old English
Avery Confirmation Avaree, Avarey, Avari, Avarie, Avary,
Averee, Averey, Averyi, Averie
Old French
Avice Sanctuary in battle; Bird-like;
Aveza, Aveze, Avicia, Avis, Avise,
Avyce, Avyse, Avys
Teutonic; Latin; Old French
Avis Sanctuary in battle. Amice, Aveis, Aves, Avice, Avicia,
Avison, Havoise
Teutonic, Old English
Aviva Fresh, Springtime. Abibi, Abibit, Auvit, Avivah, Avrit,
Avivah, Avivi, Avivie, Avivit, Avyva, Avyvah
Avoca Sweet valley. Avocah, Avocka, Avockah, Avockah,
Avona From the Avon river Avonah English
Avrill Born in April, Boar warrior woman. A
form of April.
April, Aprill, Apryl, Apryll,
Averill, Averilla, Averille, Avril, Avrill, Avrilla, Avrille, Avryl,
Avryla, Avrylah, Avryle, Avryll, Avrylla, Avryllah, Avrylle
Old English
Awee Baby Navajo
Awena Poetry Awenah Welsh
Aya Swift bird. Aia, Aiah, Ayah Hebrew, Japanese
Ayana Angel Swahili
Ayanna Innocent Ayania, Ayaniah, ayannah Hindi
Ayasha Life Aiasha Persian, Swahili
Ayesha Youngest child. Aisha, Aishah, Ayeshah, Ayeshia,
Ayishah Living, Prosperous Arabic
Ayita First to dance. Ayitah Cherokee
Ayla Oak tree. Aylah, Aylana, Aylanah, Aylanna,
Aylannah, Aylea, Aylee, Ayleena, Aylena, Aylene
Aysha Life Persian, Swahili 
Aza Comforting Arabic
Azalea Flower; Dry earth. Azaleah, Azalee, Azalei, Azaleigh,
Azaley, Azali, Azalia, Azaliah, Azalie, Azaly, Azalya, Azalyah
Hebrew; Greek
Azaliah Flower; Dry earth. Hebrew; Greek
Azariah God aids, blesses Azaria, Azarya, Azaryah Hebrew
Azelia Helped by God. Azena, Azenah, Azelaiah, Azena,
Azenah, Azene, Azeta, Azetah, Azete
Aziza Beloved. Azizah Arabic
Azora Sky-blue Azorah, Azzora, Azzorah Arabic
Azubah Abandoned. Azuba Hebrew
Azura Blue lapis stone. Azora, Azorah, Azurah, Azure, Azurina,
Azurine, Azuryn, Azuryna, Azurynah, Azuryne
Azzra Innocent one. Azzrah Hebrew